Moon in Aries with Moon in Capricorn

Although astrologically, Capricorn and Aries do not get along with each other, as emotions, they are not so bad. Condition still applies. That is, lunar Aries female and lunar Capricorn male are more suitable for each other. But of course, this is possible only if this serious man is interested. As for the Capricorn moon female, she is better off with another sign. We will discuss the reasons shortly.

Aries forms a square with Capricorn. This hints the differences in emotions and viewpoints. How does that go? Well, while the ram likes speed, goat wants slower movements. The fiery sign prefers action over thoughts. Earthy luna wants to first think, create a strategy and then turn it into action. Bottom-line is that while one is carefree, the other is more careful.

However, the goat driven guy has a tendency to fall for powerful women and this has to be taken as the plus point for the strong Aries moon female. He will not mind getting controlled by his lady love, but at the same time he will be bothered by too much force. This is nothing to be worried about though. The earthly guy is good at compromising. But as mentioned before, it will not be so easy for the fiery lady to seduce him, for he is good at controlling his mind and also he is not open to trusting every date. Seriousness is what he looks for. So to tie him to the relationship,  she must make an effort to utilize the serious side of hers.

As for Capricorn moon female, she is usually threatened by loud and dominating people. So Aries moon man might not have much luck with her. Also their relationship can go through lows pretty quickly. Earthy lunar female likes to get involved with her mate seriously. For the fiery guy, this is boring. Unfortunately, this leaves their emotions of love much at stake.

In between the relationship of these two signs, there will be many disagreements. Much of it has to do with how each thinks about their future.

On and on, we have been hearing in other posts, that the ram has trouble completing a task. This is something that will never be taken lightly by the goal oriented goat. Secondly, the fiery sign prefers straightforwardness in the relationship. Being aloof and less talkative, Capricorn will not be able to deliver that.

Square aspect always represents deep struggles. That is why, the relationship here is not going to be smoother. Both the signs will have many wishes unfulfilled. Additionally, they will always have the feeling that something is missing between them. Another thing which will cause a lot of disturbances is their bluntness. Although Aries is not so bad at sugarcoating, Capricorn prefers to say things as they are and that is also without the touch of emotions.

They also have big egos. In the long run, this is not going to be very useful for the relationship. But yes, somehow Aries will always consider this goat driven partner as a nice person.

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