Moon in Aries with Moon in Aquarius

Here is another relationship where emotions of Aries will get a lot of stimulation. The best part is that it shares a lot of common elements with Aquarius. They both need problems to solve. They both are keen on having different experiences. So if they become one their emotions will have much to offer to each other. What will fascinate ram about the water bearer is its criticism for the norm coupled with the willingness to devote a good amount of time in humanitarian work. Another thing hard to ignore is that this airy luna responds to interested party with better flirting tactic while playing a bit of hard to get game. This is simply attention-grabbing for the ram who loves a good courting challenge.

But the combination of these two signs is of sextile aspect. That is why, they are somewhat different from each other. Good news is that it is not a harsh matter for the relationship because both the signs will be able to get rid of them through casual compromises.  Also such an aspect makes getting used to each other less difficult.

But somehow Aries has to wait. Lunar Aquarius makes a person think a lot more than others. It might not rush into a relationship easily. Even if nothing happens there will be neutrality. Both the signs will not refuse to be at least friends.

For the relationship, the combination of lunar Aries male and lunar Aquarius female is far better. This is where loyalty and endurance will prevail. Aquarius driven females are more willing to stay in a relationship and solve its problems with the help of communication and compromise. They also see dominating partners as less threatening. As for the arguments, they are ready to take part in it with complete devotion. Moreover, they appreciate independent partners. And as know by now, ram influenced emotions tend to be just like that.

On the other hand, Aquarius driven males can be less responsive and slower than the females. Such traits might end up disappointing the Aries moon ladies wishing to see quick result from emotional communication. In between the relationship, Aries will also have to experience insecurity, for Aquarius moon males are a little too into changing their minds and often attract many admirers.

Another important thing is that too much argument which is loved by lunar ram has totally negative effect on the lunar Aquarius males. They are so logical that they might just come to conclusion that such an issue is unhealthy for the future of the relationship and that is why, they may choose to just get away from it through breakup. Testing their patience does not yield to positive result. But if other planetary positions turn out to be favorable the nightmares we have just described will hardly come true.

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