Moon in Aries with Moon in Pisces

This is the oil and water combination which leaves no room for positive chemical reaction. In other words, Aries might not have any reason to find a connection with Pisces. They are not even one percent similar. It is possible that initially, Aries' infatuation will chase Pisces. This is where the two will gladly satisfy each other’s appetite. Pisces wants a partner who shows visible signs of interest and embarks on arranging the date. Meanwhile, Aries likes the idea of taking the first step in courting. But how the next meetings will go depend greatly on what they find out about each other from the first date.

If they choose to start a relationship they will first have to make sure that they are comfortable with each other’s differences. From an ram's point of view, this might become the most difficult thing to do. The problem here is that watery luna is too polite to play hard to get, leaving no chance for any kind of challenges to occur. That is an instant turn off for Aries.

Next, Pisces is emotionally extremely sensitive. Specifically the male carriers make it even more visible through their motto to avoid arguments. For ram driven ladies, this is a very bad news. Conversely, this should hint that the Pisces moon females are open to arguments, but this does not mean that they will allow them to not affect their sensitive emotions. In addition to this, watery queens are way too giving and deeply romantic. So a relationship with this placement is not beneficial for the Arian moon males either.

There is no way ram will be able to keep the fish in a relationship without a good amount of sacrifice. The introduction of bluntness, arguments and independence will just make it swim away to the next destination. But if the two still decide to stay together for the long haul, they will simply end up wondering as to what to do about each other. Neither of them will be willing to bring up the topic of marriage in the relationship.

There is still hope though. For the relationship to see the real day light, Pisces must be accompanied by Venus in Aquarius or Aries. Either way, the carrier will have some challenges to offer to ram.

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