Why Subliminals Are Not Working for You?

Do you fail to get benefits from subliminals that are working for others? It is okay to admit it so you may look into changing your style of using them. The problem, probably, is rather personal. Any of the following might be the reason:

1. You have a stubborn mind which prevents you from being open to possibilities. Nothing is wrong with that.

2. The sub might be coming with certain rules you are not following. That is why, it is always important to check the description box under the video. The creators usually place the rules there.

3. You are not sure how affirmations work. That can happen from limited information. Affirmations are written in a way to make its users feel as if the benefit they want from them already exists. The reason? They are supposed to capture feelings. This means when you hear "I am financially free" you are supposed to feel it inside you. Certainly, affirmations are sometimes hidden inside a sub. In that case, go with the flow of the title and list of benefits provided in the description box by the sub creator.

4. The benefit you are trying to get actually takes time to show up. Are you trying to get control over fire, ice or earth from subs like the ones given below? If yes time to see result can take time.

5. You are forcing yourself to listen to a sub you actually have trouble standing.Your subconscious mind in this situation is busy feeling negative. Subs are not like bitter pills. Be honest with yourself. Dare to avoid what you can't stand.

6. Language might be a problem. Your mind has to understand the affirmations.

7. You might be using incorrect mindset. The idea of having extremely high hope from a solution does not work for all. Maybe you need to be a little detached?

8. You are listening to too many subs. You really have to be loyal to one. Subconscious mind absorbs repeated suggestions. If you want to choose a new sub over the old one you should use a flush first.

9. You have made your desire public. This is, by far, one of the most fatal things you can do to kill the results you want. It can be hard to win against collective consciousness. Even Quantum physics states that result is highly influenced by observation. In other words, if other people are given the chance to see your wish or desire and they believe it is stupid then this is the same thing that will become your result. This is true especially if what you want is out of the ordinary. In that case, you will have very little support.

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