Expression Number 22 Personality in Details

Definition: The free adviser
Astrological link: Virgo, Libra and Capricorn
Tarot link: The World which has passion for freedom.

Expression number 22 is rooted in coming full circle. When 2 is added twice we get 4. Hence, the expression number is usually written as 22/4. It is recommended that the bearers look into expression number 4 for better clarification. Personality wise, these people are highly realistic. They believe in what can be seen and touched. What they work with must have a form. Because of this same reason, they are more comfortable with facts than theories. Otherwise, they get confused and tend to struggle.

Adherence to practicality benefits them both physically and mentally. 22's have eidetic memory. When someone else makes mistake, 22's keep it in their head to make sure that they can avoid it all throughout their lives.

The recorded information also helps them predict the future outcome of a given situation correctly and build a detailed realistic goal to follow. They can almost feel and touch their imagination without expecting it to see it in reality. Hence, law of attraction is friendlier to them. 22's are highly skilled at giving sound advises. It is unlikely for them to fail. That is the reason why they prove to be lucky for businesses and romantic partners.

That said, life for these people are not the easiest. They hate to be enslaved, but another part of them wishes to stay tied down. This tends to complicate their lifestyles. They are not much into adventure, but quality alone time is very much important to them. They dislike overly critical people and that forms a big problem in their professional lives especially when they go to work under an authority. They have better chance in blooming as bosses of their own businesses. Their employees, however, have to work harder to please them. As said earlier, 22's can see the outcome of a given situation without any hassle. That means they do not say yes to an idea easily. Also they demand discipline and honesty. They are not soft on excuses.

However, the urge to be something bigger is possible for 22's only if they learn to kill their fear. They hate the idea of losing and sometimes the outcomes they see before they take place leave them somewhat pessimistic, anxious and discouraged. They are not always accepting of what the life throws at them. Failure is their biggest nightmare.

They truly need unconditional love in life. This is what makes them powerful. This is what allows them to be optimistic and dutiful. They sure make lifelong friends. For emotional beings, however, they are not ideal, for they stick to truth no matter how bitter it is. They do not take help from soft words to explain it.

In love, 22's do not wish to make mistakes either. They are great body and in between line language readers. Admirers will find them highly picky and hard-shelled, but never arrogant. Since 22's are comfortable mainly with familiarity, partners must try to not force them to try anything outside their norm. As a matter of fact, 22's should never be pushed or controlled. As stated earlier, they love their freedom which in simple language can be called as their personal space.

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Expression Number 11 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who begins what is impossible for many.
Astrological link: Aquarius and Sagittarius.
Tarot link: Justice, the only element that can be used for equality.

11 is taken as one of the most spiritual numbers. It radiates great energy, leaving a lasting positive impact on the mankind. Those who have it in their personality are blessed with this element. In other words, expression number 11 people are like dawn. They bring in new changes almost in anything they undertake. Much of it, however, is associated with their goals. When they say "I want this", they chase it with all their hearts, allowing their dreams to change into reality. It is not difficult for them to gain wealth. Despite being winners, they carry in their hearts no arrogance, baffling many. This is the same reason why, they are highly approachable to even the poorest, for they treat everyone equally. People cannot resist the idea of seeing hope in them. But nothing happens without some fateful events.The childhood of the 11's is not colorful. Their parents usually go through some kind of toxic problems. In some cases, the 11's lose on of the family members to death or taste some kind of other separation. Financial trouble also persists. This allows the 11's to understand the meaning of struggle and mature up quicker than their peers.
11 in Numerology
Once they make up their mind that they have nothing more to lose and that no pain can be as great as what they experience earlier in their lives, they get daring and passionate enough to embark on achieving the most precious of all accolades. The newest failures leave no melancholy in their hearts. Each time, they rise like the phoenix. 11's are prone to attracting two groups of people. While the first one consists of friends and die hard admirers, the other one always contains deadly foes. It is all because of success. Those who work with 11's have less trouble finding the treasure box. And once found, can it be intentionally left? No! The enthusiasm of 11's, on the other hand, forms great inspiration for the mankind. Admirers often feel an urge to hold them in high regards. That is a matter of envy for the rivals of the 11's and thus, they are always plotting to bring these carriers down.

In communication, 11's are magicians. When they talk they use a proper balance of wit, coherency and charm. They never repeat the same ideas, yet always succeed at being highly convincing. They have very sharp memory and are great at management. But because of their endless energy and zeal, most often they acquire multiple talents and are found working within multiple professions. They have a tendency to taste success in all of them. Their personality is quite balanced. Simply put, they are extroverted as well as introverted. Patience is their another greatest strength. Hence, it is easier for them to turn the most impossible and difficult ideas into reality. Interestingly, even when they retire they make people miss their magnetic charm. In a way, they set an example that can never be replaced and no transition is powerful enough to erase their grandeur.

In personal relationships and love, some struggles are lifelong. It is not that 11's are turned down by most people. The problem is in how they pick partners. It is all based on exterior qualities. The men are attracted to appearance overriding the need to see inner compatibility and character. They have no problem settling down with less ambitious partners. But for women, both appearance and position are important. Not going by the compatibility is what makes things eerie for them in love. It is very much likely for them to end up with the unfaithful, arrogant and less interested partners. 11's still try their best to save the relationships, for they are highly dutiful. They have deep repugnance for breakup and divorce. But it is not easy to be with less caring partners. Under such circumstances, it is likely for 11's to cheat to often. By the way, these people are highly sexual and have interest in kink.

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Expression Number 9 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who fights for greater causes.
Astrological link:Virgo and Sagittarius
Tarot card link: Hermit who is there for all.

Expression number 9 is all about humanity. Those who have it through their names can be known as the promoters of free love. Do not take in sexual sense. 9's are so deeply concerned about the inequality that exists in the world that they may even turn asexual in personal relationships. Simply put, in their lives, worries about the world overrides the worries about everything private. The concern is never allowed to remain intangible. 9's actually step out to do something about the atrocity and for those who need help. The tactics they apply on the way have coats of uniqueness and coupled with the number's leadership feature, they truly bring in warm results.

They are generally allergic to violence, but know the mantra to dash it into pieces and that is also without using any physical force. Their best weapon is their wisdom and this is what works to bring down the violence.  In numerology, therefore, 9's are seen as the movers and shakers from the world of humanitarian causes.
Number Nine in Numerology
Diverger by nature, 9's consider every human to be a member of their family. As for the world, it is their home. That is why, they tend to be impersonal and social. There is a bit of hesitation to remain stuck within four walls. Dominant authority is also unattractive to them. As a result, they are always on the go. Because of their unique ideas about the world, they are capable of attracting many followers. Yet they decline the idea of taking up a leadership role in which they have to preach and order. In their view, it is all about action. Thus, even as a boss, they want to work as a team. They feel no one team member should take the entire burden. However, when it comes to difficult tasks, the selfless 9's may decide to take it all up on themselves. Even when 9's do not have interest in humanitarian work, they are all about people. For instance, a female 9 may be too close to her friends, constantly making sure to attend parties or clubs. She may also enjoy catering or event planning. Similar attributes can be seen in expression number 9 male also. Eventually, it is all about being part of a community.

Secretly, the 9's enjoy popularity. Fortunately, it is not difficult for them to gain it from their friends. But in career too, they would love to have it. Some 9's are actually highly creative and thus, aim to use it to build a career in the entertainment industry. But it is never for the love of money. 9's are more about pleasuring their own minds. They will never look into going in a career where they cannot make it happen.

Despite being social and helpful, 9's fall under the shadow of criticisms coming straight from their family members and even certain partners. When we are too busy with external matters we pay very less attention to home and family. Multitasking here does not work. This is the exact problem the 9's have. They have a lot going in their mind for which they cannot pay full attention to everything being told to them by their family members. This has a tendency to gain them the tag of detached beings. They may also be seen as shallow in love by certain partners because they are not the most romantic souls. Also they hide very little about who they date. Consequently, they are better off with partners who have similar attributes.

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Expression Number 8 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who attracts great luck.
Astrological link:Leo and Scorpio
Tarot card link: Strength of 100 men.

What do you get when you add 4 and 4? It is 8. That is why, the expression number 8 is the forceful form of expression number 4 and that is also with zero percent compromise. Its carriers are the powerhouse of mental and physical strength. Many misconceptions surround them. Numerologists like to believe that they are bullheaded and greedy for wealth. Frankly speaking, they are hard workers and that is not because they want wealth, but because they are slave to habits and discipline. These individuals are the only ones who would not take a day off from school and work. Secretly, they fear criticism. They do not like to be its sitting ducks. As a result, they go above and beyond to maintain their good reputation. Do you now see how their intention is free of dent? Those are not the only reasons that compel them to work their way up.

They are allergic to dreams, preferring to give more importance to realism. On the top of that, they think long term. They weigh pros and cons quite keenly and that allows them to pick what looks more promising quite accurately.  But this does not fully override the magic of number 8. In numerology, it is the number of good fortune and that means, its carriers somehow will always have the opportunity to be blessed with financial safety net. Certainly, some may born into underprivileged families, but this does not mean they will stay poor forever.
8 in Numerology
Despite all the rewards that 8 gives them, these individuals remain free of pride. They are big believers of karma for which they feel that if they get too conceited about their achievements they may end up attracting bad luck. They are not being superstitious, but pragmatic here. More than anyone else, they are prone to coming across hurdles in their work. This is tied to the datum that 8 is ruled by planet Saturn which in astrology is known as the teacher. It tends to scatter many thorny tests on the paths. Hence, the 8's are very much aware of the unpleasant sensation they receive from them. This is the same reason why they are scared of committing crimes and taking shortcuts. 8's are never free of worries. The hurdles tend to make them pessimistic and nervous. Strangely, the outsiders may never get glimpse of any of it, for the hurdles at one point force the 8's to accept that life is tough and thus, they learn to remain fully composed in public.

Being more introverted by nature, 8's may not always make many friends and even remain away from social arena. When they speak they make a point to note realism which unfortunately leaves the extroverted adventurous people slightly disappointed. At workplace however, it is often taken as a plus point. It is also important to mention that their boss does notice their great organizing skills and hard work. Thus, they are better able than many others in making long term professional connections.

Deep within, 8's are romantically shy,  passionate and loyal. But these gifts are not reserved for just any random partner. Since the individuals are highly realistic they hate games in love. For them, it should be either yes or no. Anything in between makes them angry. They do go in casual relationships, but the tantrum of the partner will always keep them away from being more open about their love. In fact, they may not fall in love. Casual relationship partner to them is highly unattractive. They do not like bearing unnecessary baggage. Thus, in a casual relationship, they remain emotionally detached. Blessed is the one who gives them a permanent yes.

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Expression Number 7 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who thirsts for knowledge.
Astrological link: Libra.
Tarot card link: The chariot which breaks every barrier.

Expression number 7 bearers look puzzling to many. At face value, they are strict, formal, cantankerous and enticingly aberrant. But once made comfortable, they knuckle under to surrounding people's demand. They show their submission with smile and politeness, while keeping in mind the need to conceal themselves as much as possible. No one will be able to swim in the river of their full identity. According to 7's, giving away too much of themselves means being left in the lurch.

They would rather die with their veiled weaknesses than tormenting their hearts with fear of being back stabbed and robbed. In their eyes, trust is not an item to be cut into pieces to distribute among people they know. That said, 7's are not much visible in bustling social arena. It adds no value to their lives. In fact, constant rendezvousing tends to slow down their mental energy. Although they are naturally people of less words, they cannot talk and listen too long especially if the topic they are dealing with has no depth at all. To recharge their battery, therefore, they retire to their private bed of wonder!
Personality 7 of Numerology

Expression Number 6 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who feels for all in the world.
Astrological link: Gemini and Virgo.
Tarot card link: Lovers with mission to spread love.

Expression number 6 men are the knights in shining armor of numerology. As for the women, they are born nurses. It is in their nature to be helpful. They radiate rays of hopes, attracting especially those who are in need of help. Their mission in life is to rescue the men and women in distress. One of the best qualities of these people is that they take into consideration the lessons they learn from their mistakes and make an effort to impart them to others so that such mistakes do not spread in the society. 6's do not have many enemies because they win hearts by being pleasing and coating their words with sugar.

They tend to watch their words very cautiously, for they despise the idea of being wrapped in controversy. Also they fear bad reputation.Even at young age, they exercise certain amount of cautiousness to save themselves from embarrassing situations. Although they may never show stubbornness, criticisms coming towards them do break their hearts. Emotionally, they are highly fragile. In fact, if they don't get proper care at young age, they may end up suffering from anxiety in their adulthood.
Describing 6 in Numerology
6's have a strong sense of likes and dislikes and their values are fully based on those. They highly believe in the notion that life itself is a big school, preferring to take lessons not just from books, but also by observing others. Their philosophies gain them good amount of praises and yes, they are very much used to it. Yet they remain free of pride. This still does not bury an issue. 6's usually expect to be treated fairly and politely by all. There is nothing in being a dreamer wearing a pair of rose-colored glasses. Realistically, the world is not bed of roses. Unable to understand it, the 6's shrivel in hostile environments. Any discouragement they receive discourages them from giving their best. If the opposition becomes more powerful the carriers may even decide to withdraw from the spot. They can surely fight, but ferocious people tend to cower them. Contrary to this is the fact that 6's enjoy reading humans and are very critical of those who cannot show mercy. They are quite good at translating it all. Driven by Venus, in a good way they are in love with love. They embody grace and joviality. Their mission in life is to weed out poverty. They have immense repugnance to clash of civilizations, believing and preaching about the equality of humans. That is why, they are titled as the humanitarians of numerology. They are great for social works. The ambitious ones may even choose to work in medical fields. 6's tend to be more sensitive about belief in God. For this reason, finding some of them in fields of religions is not uncommon.

More than anything else, the carriers of 6 have a need to be in a loving relationship. But the rose colored glasses do produce heartbreaks. Specifically, the young 6's are more vulnerable. Once adulthood is reached, they may turn slightly more realistic, making an effort to mate with mostly ambitious people. Perhaps, that is why, numerologists like to tag them as gold diggers. What they forget is that 6's can't live with someone who does not love them. In other words, their relationships must contain all the ingredients that make their lives and future worthwhile.

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Expression Number 5 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who changes the society.
Astrological link: Taurus and Leo
Tarot card link: Hierophant, the maker of laws

5 is by far the most misunderstood number in numerology. The claim is that the people who have it as their expression number are always looking for thrill and they are naturally extroverted. Honestly speaking, it is only in appearance. Sure 5 is ruled by Mercury and fire, but it does not mean that the carriers can't think of anything, but parties and that they are always making choices on a whim. The two elements actually make them more energetic than most. Mercury is the epitome of intellectualism. That is why, the 5's have a tendency to go deeper into topics of their interest and come up with theories that look bolder to many.

Fire element, on the other hand, allows them to master the art of making things interesting and entertaining. People find it intriguing, instantly accepting the fact that 5's are extroverted geniuses. Do you see where the problem is? 5's are not truly as stormy as most numerologists like to claim. They can be reserved like any other introverted person, but when it comes to projects of their interest, they are one step ahead of others. They give a tough competition to people of expression number 1.
Five in Numerology
As hinted earlier, 5's are very daring. But somehow their root is always tied to the society. They are extremely good at understanding the needs and wants of humans, and without further ado, they embark on fulfilling them. This sometimes gains them the title of middleman connecting people to something that was once unknown. In plain words, they are the trendsetters and that is also in such a big way that they can bring about complete change to the entire society. It is just that they are so good at presenting their new finding or object that almost all in the community conclude that it is a must-have. 5's crave for recognition, most often targeting the number one position of their chosen field. Not being able to achieve it is not an issue for them. They can still stay on track while looking for other ways to get to it. In business, law, entertainment and fashion, 5's have the most luck. In those fields, they are far more capable than others in setting the trends. But major success to them comes only when they focus on serving a specific portion of the society. If the focus gets broader they may end up struggling in their chosen field.

5's are generally very well aware of their energy and skills. They enjoy using all of them. However, they must always guard themselves against overconfidence, for this has a tendency to amplify bubbles of clouded judgement in their minds, making them unable to assess the genuine power of their competitors including dark horses.

More often than not 5's become victims of thieves. This is expected, but do note that the carriers have zero tolerance for such people and thus, will not mind taking them to court. The irony of the play is that 5's themselves are prone to declining laws imposed upon their lives.

Thanks to the influence of mercury and fire, 5's are naturally bold initiators and strongly persuasive in love. That is why, it is easy for them to quickly catch the attention of those they romantically admire. Yet to some extent, they are experimental. At young age, they may collect  a wide variety of sexual encounters in their pouch. They are not necessarily players despite the fact that commitment is not their top priority. Even for conservative 5's, some upheavals do exist in their earlier relationships for which we can assume that they will have many partners in their lifetime. In fact, it may take several years before they can decide to finally settle down and when they do it, they make sure that the partner chosen does not invade their personal space.

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Expression Number 4 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who believes in reliability.
Astrological link: Cancer.
Tarot card link: The Emperor who wants total order.

This is the number of order combined with full force. Its carriers are mentally strong, religiously adhering to the motto that we are what we eat. This is a good news for their parents. No extra time on disciplining the young 4's is essential. They just need to be taught the theory of survival of the fittest and left to manage their own lives. Nothing then will matter to them more than the wish to excel. In fact, even as kids, they would elude the glow of temptation to stay cleaner for the distant future. The mentality of expression number 4 is deeply connected to logic, enabling the carriers to dismiss matters of the heart as trivial. They prefer to go by what the mind says. In spite of this, they are not completely unemotional. They greatly value the idea of fulfilling promises and because of this, they stick to their friends through thick and thin. In friend circle, they may even get the title of the reliable ones.

4's have an intense love affair with stability, genuinely resenting its opponent called inconsistency. As a result, staying in unpredictable situation is suffocating to them. Blended with realism, this same reason compels them to focus mainly on attainable goals. That said, their urge for stability is not dotted with gold and silver. 4's tend to be satisfied with normal wealth pertaining to simple home and family built with love and devotion. They may still receive more than what they hope for if they are given encouragement by their friends and family.
Expression number 4
4's are generally good with numbers and have an ability to add innovation to what already exists. This makes them perfect for jobs related to finance and office management. We may assume that their skill with numbers can make them great players at stock market and general business world, but just don't let the hope go high up there. Expression number 4 feels uncomfortable with risks and shortcuts, choosing instead the slow baby steps. This way they make sure to preserve what they own. However, a secure opportunity can still change their mind. We know by now that 4's love stability. This is rooted in their nature also. To preserve it, they make a point to practice honesty in their efforts. This allows them to stick to one organization for a long time and enjoy the reward of trust called promotion from their employers.

But what type of people do they dislike? The answer can be found in their antipathy towards inconsistency. Simply put, they dislike unstable people and this includes mainly those who do not fulfill their promises and have a habit of disrespecting deadlines. Additionally, the 4's are least likely to accept those who are highly unconventional and experimental. In order to maintain proper etiquette, they may not say it in the person's face. But if their values are challenged watch out!

For relationships, they prefer those who are traditional and conservative. Of course, faithfulness is another thing they look for in a potential partner. 4's are generally very loyal in love and no way they like it to be manipulated. That is why, one should not be surprised to find them turning their back on fickle admirers.

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Expression Number 3 Personality in Details

Definition: The independent creative worker.
Astrological link: Gemini
Tarot card link: Empress, the bearer of creativity and beauty.

Nothing in school courses stands out as bright as number 3. Think about the food pyramid, triad of health and many other diagrams. They are all about three angles.Things taught through them are usually very easy to recall even after years of graduation. Expression number 3 from numerology works in that same way, however, with an interesting twist. We can read thousands of books or stay million hours with its carriers, yet we may never fully know them. Why?

Because they are multifaceted and multi-talented. They study a lot more than all others, but looks at life from a very detached perspective. That allows them to be more able than others in classifying logical explanation behind many of the world's mysteries. Yet make no blunder into thinking that it makes them just like expression number 1. There is a huge difference between the two. While expression number 1 is good at analyzing quantitative abstract problems, expression number 3 is good at analyzing problems that are more qualitative in nature. In short, the carriers have answers to questions we raise about social issues.

As for talents, expression number 3 people are not naturally born with them. They just pick each by interest, but yes, the reason is tied to the fact that they are enthralled by all that is artistic. With communication and skill of converting artistic dreams into reality being the main strength, these people are more inclined to settling down with a talent in writing, singing or arts and crafts. However, working under an authority is something they find highly disturbing. This is because their ideas flow better when they are not compelled to go by the rules and time constraint. They need to feel free and they prefer correcting their mistakes on their own. In general, the opposite situation tends to inhibit their ability to let their talents bloom fully. That is the reason why, they are better off being a novel writer than journalist.
3 from Numerology

Mentally, these people are very normal. In other words, when bullied they answer it by bullying and when warmly treated they answer it by being warm. They certainly are not emotional, but their positive outlook on life gains them fair amount of popularity among their friends. In point of fact, their optimism is highly contagious. As stated earlier, they are good at communicating and analyzing social issues. When they put them all into action with their confident nature, they become capable of showing their friends the truth that after every night comes a day and that a watched pot never boils. It is highly possible for these people to gain both fame and wealth through their careers. But for this to happen, they must concentrate fully on specific talents. Sadly, this has tendency to get teased by their scattered feelings and urges followed by their abhorrence to respecting time. When comfort is more than enough in their environment, they may gradually start to move from what they are working on. This is boosted all the more with their inability to multitask.

In love, freedom is the top element for expression number 3 people. It is not that they look for open relationships or have a need to jump from one partner to another. They only pray that no matter who they are with they get enough space for their individuality and talents. Anyone too domineering and narrow minded is their eyesore and hence, they may always turn their back on them. This is the case because the number 3 carriers are very liberal and have no time for those who hold onto to what they deem as negative, illogical and old fashioned. They gel best with those who are open minded and have interest in their talents or show appreciation for their work.

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Expression Number 2 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who goes into partnership
Astrological link: Taurus
Tarot Card link: High Priestess who thinks before speaking

Ever heard the term 2 in 1? This perfectly describes expression number 2. They despise the idea of being alone. Partnership is what they strive for and yes,they are social butterflies. Finding them in parties and picnics, therefore, should not be a surprise. But they are neither too shy nor overly flashy. They win hearts by being accommodating and giving. Their down to earth nature is also a plus point. No one can stay upset with them very long. Expression number 2 knows how to kill an argument without letting the opponent feel whether they are losing or winning. It is all in the number's ability to avoid fair and square opinions and look as daft as a brush for gaining approval and white flag. In some cases, however, they may work harder to avoid a confrontation and this means not coming face to face with the opponent. Does this mean the carriers are truly shallow and timid? Not really. They just like the idea of focusing on things that bring halcyon days. Negative people ruin that. In a way, expression number 2 despises atrocity with passion. If ever requested, the carriers can even write a full book on it.

They see no harm in dropping ferocious people from their friend list. Interestingly, no true long conversation is necessary for number 2 to figure out a personality. The carriers are great energy detectors and they make it work with great enthusiasm. To put it another way, they observe their surrounding people quite diligently. The ones who have potential to be helpful in the future and traditionally illuminate positive energy go in their list of comrades. Nothing is needed to explain about the aggressive people. We already know where they end up. This way the number 2 people make sure that they can progress smoothly in their careers.
Expression 2 personality

Yet it would be silly to think that they always depend on others for achievements. Number 2 actually makes its carriers highly disciplined and very serious about prosperity. Consequently, they do not mind working hard to achieve their targeted goals. They have full respect for schedules and sane authority figures. When it comes to real world applications, these number 2 people prefer going by the formula. When they are able to blend this with their ability to study humans, they become wiser and that gives them the power to provide others valuable suggestions about life. That is why, it is much easier for them to work in fields of psychology and social science. They have potential to be activists. But what hinders them from choosing this is their emotional nature. As mentioned before, they don't like to pick fight. It must also be added that they are attracted to beauty and creativity. The women can use to their advantage by choosing careers related dress designing and modeling.

Peaceful people can never live without love. Same is true for those who have expression number 2. They crave for love and romance. As a matter of fact, romantic relationship inspires them to give best in their careers. However, security and peace must also be included in it. Unstable relationships can heavily impact the mental state of number 2 people and that may mean them going haywire with their lives as well as careers.

Negatively, some people may feel very irritated by number 2 because of their lack of interest in taking risk and providing opinions to avoid controversy. Because of this, the carriers may end up with the title of faker and cold-fish.

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Expression Number 1 Personality in Details

Definition: The one who begins and leads
Astrological sign link: Aries
Tarot Card link: The Magician for whom nothing is impossible.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we look at number 1? Yes, it is the number of the winner. It is associated with what is on the top. We all dream to be number 1, for great rewards are bestowed upon those who achieve it. In numerology, the description of expression number 1 is no different. Just think about those who have it in their personality. Simply put, they are born winners. They excel at what they do. Ruled by the sun, number 1 people get lucky with most of their endeavors and are great at becoming the center of attraction. Strong effort is not even necessary. Success is traditionally a natural reaction to their focus and undertaken steps derived from a mighty elixir of intuition and proper judgement. This is the reason why, they travel miles without the need to be under the shadow of godparents.

Career is where they have the greatest time of their lives. They gain trust quite easily, for in public, they appear soft speaking, reasonable, responsible and brave. This helps them slip into the leadership position with much ease.
1 in Numerology
They are good at understanding abstract topics and problem solving. Mixed with unwavering willpower, these qualities help them bring new things to the world and experiment with what is unconventional. Consequently, they perform best in fields of research, inventions and management.Verbally, they do not shy away from mentioning what they believe in. They also criticize with an open heart. No word is allowed to hit the sack and when they talk people listen. With confidence blazing like the sun, they have all the power to influence an entire group, generating a massive revolution. They do not have tolerance for what they think is purely wrong. Thus, instead of sitting and waiting for someone to do anything about it, they go at supersonic speed to bring about its demise. After all, being number 1 means being fearless and taking the first step. With so many awards and achievements in their kitty, number 1 people do have a tendency to turn excessively conceited, narrow minded and as hard as nails. They are neither compromising nor very forgiving. Here and there, they may surrender to delusion that they can never go wrong. Anyone who points it out will find his name in their list of sworn enemies.

The biggest weakness of these number 1 people, however, is ambiguity with a strong touch of mammoth expectation. The dust of ambiguity leaves people surrounding them in confusion which at one point forces them to make mistakes. Number 1 people wrongly interpret this as shallowness and incapability. They are willing to help, but before this, punishment is introduced. Because of this and what is mentioned above, they always don't have the best experience in places where team effort is highly utilized. Make no blunder into thinking that this brings end to their careers. These people are independent initiators. So if they find out that they can't work in teams, they may start a business of their own.

In love, things are almost the same. Their hot temper and unyielding domineering nature will often bring into their lives sour relationships. That said, number 1 people do love quite strongly, but not many will be able to meet their expectations. They actually have better luck with disciplined, but loyal, diplomatic and less aggressive partners.

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Use Numerology to Peep into a Personality Without Any Information

Guess why we have wars, poverty and frauds in the world? This is because we have a huge number of bad people in every single country. They make our lives miserable. They like it this way. It is all about profit. It is all about habit. Some are just addicted to bullying whoever comes in front of them. We certainly can't protect ourselves from every loose canon. But in some cases, we have the upper hand. For instance, we do not date who we consider bad for us. But again, it has more to do with attraction and compatibility. Little bit of dating is all we require to throw away the lemons. Think about those we work with in team. Think about the professors we take. Undoubtedly, not all of them contribute to our college lives in a positive way. Can we avoid them without even knowing much about them? Fortunately, yes.

Do not think, it is all in tarot cards. You don't have to know how to use it to figure out an unknown person's personality. Astrology can also be skipped. It will not be of any use if you don't know the person's date of birth. Then what tool helps here?

It is none other than numerology. Yes, most numerologists prefer to go with date of birth. But full names are equally helpful. In numerology, name letters can be converted and reduced into a number which then can be used to peep into a person's personality. The reduced figure is called expression number.If the person in question has temporary position in our lives, it is best to look into that. Expression number represents a person's habits, style of presenting himself, his likes and dislikes. Through numerology, it is really easy to know such things. The calculation of expression number is so simple that if it is taught to 3rd grader he will remember it all his life. Below the instructions are given with an example.

using numerology to know a person
Say, we want to use numerology to know someone named Lisa Bruce. To keep things clear, we will use the novice approach. For practice, use this name first to see what number you get.

Step 1: We take out the Pythagorean system table. It is given below. Feel fee to copy all the tables. To find the expression number, they are the only ones that can be used. Think of it like a formula in which we insert the numbers for calculation.


Step 2: We then make two similar tables but with only the numbers as shown below.While one table will be used to calculate the numbers of her first name, the second will be used to calculate the numbers of her last name. We are keeping the rows so that we do not get confused about where each letter must go.


Step 3: Now one by one, place the letters of her first name in their designated spots. Once this is done, move to the second table and do the same for her last name. Your tables in the end should look like the two given below.
First name: Lisa

Last name: Bruce

Step 4: Now add all the numbers corresponding to the letters separately for the two names. Notice that within both the tables, two letters went under same numbers. In this situation, the numbers will be added twice. For example, the first table has letter A and S under 1. This means we will add 1 twice. See below
Lisa: 1+1+3+9=14
Bruce: 2+3+3+5+9= 22

Step 5: Now we will do another calculation of addition to first name number which is 14. So it should be 1+4=5. At this point, we have to leave out 22 because it is has a very special power and does describe a personality in numerology. All other numbers except 22, 11 and 33 must be reduced by addition.

Step 6: Another round of addition must be done this way: 5+22= 27.

Step 7: We need a single digit to make numerology work for us. Hence, we have to reduce 27  just like we did to other numbers. It should be 2+7=9. There, we now have what we have been looking for. The expression number of Lisa Bruce is 9. We can look into what 9 has to say about her personality.  Do note that if the result came out as 11, 22 or 33, we do not advance the calculation.

Below we have a list of questions that these numbers can answer about a person:
1. Is this person helpful?
2. Is he an extrovert or introvert?
3. Is he rude or caring?
4. Does he manipulate people?
5. How does he work to reach a goal?
6. How does he see emotions?
7. In what does he excel?
8. How will he treat someone's opinion?

Check the Meaning of each Expression Number