Funniest Youtube Comments That Will Make Your Day

Nothing online has more power than the comment section of Youtube. It is that one platform where religious people, conspiracy theorists, coincidence theorists and celebrity fans can battle without shedding blood.

That does not, however, make it safe. Not many know about the fact that Google Plus was forced upon Youtube users to reduce the comments that many in the corporate world found repugnant. But users just knew how to stay anonymous through fake profiles. Unable to fight it, the new social networking site chose to raise the white flag. The typhoon of mud throwing is apparent even today.

But in between, emerges comments and discussions funnier than what a joke site can provide. Below are some of the best ones.

Numbers are assigned to them just for arrangement purpose. If you find it difficult to read a comment, click to enlarge it. Note that some comments have black humor. Youtube is a place where this is highly prevalent. 

1. It would be interesting to see if this can come true:
2. The one below can be turned into Ode to Laci Green, the problematic. If you don't know who she is consider yourself lucky. 
3. Logic gone wrong in explaining why Titanic sank.
4. Some people have no idea that Wikipedia is not a reliable source.
5. Couple of weeks ago, ISIS made a video threatening US. They were saying they would attack New York. Did it scare the Americans? Nope. Apparently, one citizen is requesting to ISIS to attack some specific places.
6. Some countries may take great pride in their nuclear bombs. But to aliens, they are the dumbest little creatures. The person below explains why. He deserves a noble prize for it.
7. Probably, this is how Pentagon would describe the current war Russia is fighting in Syria against ISIS. Remember the millions of Iraqis killed and a hospital bombed by US?
8. When someone asks a dumb question the dumbest reply follows. But the second user is merely making fun of what was asked.
9. Should anyone spend money on buying an expensive book on how to commit suicide? The user below has an answer for it.
10. Romeo and Juliet seems to be one play taught almost in all schools worldwide. But with time, people's perspective on love has changed. Now this is how a student sees the character of Romeo.
11. Equality does not exist when it comes to physical violence. 
12. Apparently, we have a new civic duty in America and that happens to be blaming President Obama for every single thing. No need to look into what year the problem occurs.
13. Once in the 90's, pop artist Madonna emphasized how fame is connected to looking good. The point skipped by her is that it is equally important to know how to be a charming speaker.
14. This is called comment competition.

15. One Youtube video is forcing people to seek refuge in the comment section. Its title will not be given here because of its gruesome nature. When I went to watch it I did exactly what the people are saying below. 
16. Sometimes a discussion can get weirder  to weirdest even when there is no sign of disagreement.
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