Moon in Aries with Moon in Cancer

Chemistry between Aries and Cancer does not exist. Emotionally, the two are extremely different from each other. In a way, the crab is everything that the ram does not want in a partner. Some examples include motherly love, closeness, brooding and so on. Note that the fiery sign does long for such things, but at the same time it does not want them to be overpowering.

Yet Cancer's need for space and ever changing mood can deeply attract the challenge seeking Aries. A quick crush coupled with the need for conquest is going to work here. The mission is to understand and win the love of Cancer. But as soon as this stage is completed, passion will erode. Aries will no longer understand why it even went for the lunar crab. In bed, however, things will be somewhat cool. Cancer is cardinal, but feminine. What this means is that in bed it will not try to completely dominate over its partner. This is a great satisfaction.

In the relationship, a Cancer will want its partner to be around all the time. Emotional availability is the key here. It is important for the crab  to feel that the relationship is secure and cozy. Unfortunately, such a need is not acceptable to its partner who is the defender of its own independence. The end result this is going to cause is the pouring of tears. Another important thing is that this water sign, being highly psychic, will be able to guess what ram thinks in the head. If this is revealed, more problems will arise in the relationship. Ram will misunderstand such a trait as spying and thus, will lash out on its emotional partner.  Finally, the clashes will turn their love into toxic waste. Neither of them will want to go near it.

Can a relationship between the people of these two signs still possible? Yes and that is only if there is a conjunct between their sun and moon. Yet there is a high possibility for the severe problems to cripple their relationship at some point. The problem is that the combination of these two signs is square in astrology. By definition, that is unhealthy. The description provided above shows just a scenario of how things will go for the Aries if it ends up with the this lunar water sign.  Apparently, since there is hardly any common factor between them, they might simply overlook each other for other people.  It is also possible for them to casually date each other. But even here they will quickly notice the absence of relevant emotions.

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