Technical Guide to Using Subliminals for Benefits

Subliminals on Youtube are gaining popularity. It is hard not to fall in love with their quick effectiveness. To reach that height, certain methods must be applied. Most often the creators provide them in the description box, but it seems the information is not enough for some users.

If you are one of them you may find answers to your questions here. Let's go with the basic technical guide first.

1.Mottos revolving around subliminals

Unleash the power in you by first believing in the following mottos. 

Anything is possible: Subliminals perform exceptionally well and super fast in the area of love, money and appearance. Those who have been consistently seeing results from them have strong faith that we are more powerful than we think. Needless to say subliminals consistently provide benefits deemed impossible by our current scientific community. This has given birth to the motto in the sub community that anything is possible. If you go by it you may start to get better results and unleash more of your hidden powers.

Act is the fact: This means it is the responsibility of the skeptic to individually test out subs if they truly want to know whether they work. Let's remember that literally anyone can access them via Internet without paying extra fee. In the world of sub users, it is archaic to wait for some college professor to show green light about their validity. A lot can get exposed about you if you are not being careful with your skeptism. Avoid being like Harry Shukman. By mocking subs without doing any real test, he has truly minimized his credibility. It is unbelievable that Times hired him.

Mind over matter: Affirmations found in subs provide results by changing the listener's subconscious mind. They can influence both internal and external situations. They seem to bend the reality. You really, therefore, need to respect your mind. Empower it through the subliminals to bring changes to matter.

2.How to Use A Sub

Before everything else, ask for protection from any higher power you believe in.

Basic formula to make a sub work:

Step 1: Choose a sub. If you can't make up your mind about it try any from this list:
Solve Love Problems By Listening To These Youtube Videos
Change Your Looks Naturally By Listening To These Youtube Videos
Step 2: Drink some water.
Step 3: Listen to the sub 2 or 3 times while visualizing that you already have your desired result. Make sure you generate emotions. They are central to attracting what you want. Visualization is not always important. Subs do work without it as long as you give them attention. Still know that the alternative of visualization is writing down what you feel while listending to your chosen sub. Once done, you can throw away the paper.
Step 4: Drink water at the end and let go of your desire.

3.Why Drink Water?

Most users believe that it plays in important role in generating the results. It is true that water stores information and is capable of making body charged with affirmations. But, in general, water improves blood flow and is recommended for intense physical activities.

Some in the sub community take the matter to a whole new level. You will be often instructed to drink lots of water before and after listening to your sub. Please don't follow it. Too much of anything is toxic. Drink according to the signal of your throat and stomach. Drink slowly and not fast. You really don't want to die from water intoxication.

4.Remedy to Listen to a Sub On Repeat

Repeating means looping a video so that you don't have to manually replay it over and over. That is how you can listen to a sub multiple times.

If you are on desktop go to your desired video and then right click> Select loop from the black menu. On phone, simply request the desktop version of Youtube to do the same. You may also use sites designed to provide this convenience. See Infinitelooper.

5.Remedy to Speed Up the Results

Before everything else, know that your own mind-set towards a sub has huge impact on the result it offers. You can choose any of the following to speed up its work. Don’t hesitate to test which one is best for you.

“I believe in it” mindset: This has to do with approaching subs like they truly and faithfully provide the desired results. Many find this method very useful and thus, it is mistaken as a part of the formula in the listening session. But no, it does not suit all.

“Let’s see” mindset: This has to do with testing out if the chosen sub truly works while staying detached from the result. Do go by all the rules associated with it. Keep ego in check. Even if you see the results it is not necessary for you to get into “I believe in it” mindset. Many among us are programmed to get benefits only through detachment.

In addition to that, try a booster sub before and after listening your main sub. This is how to approach it:

Drink water>Booster 2 or 3 times>5 minutes break during which you can again drink water>Your desired sub 2 or 3 times>Drink water

Here is one short and effective booster:

You can also listen to subs that promise to get you result quicker. See the example below. 

When needed take real world action. Before the arrival of big manifestations, you may start to notice specific numbers following you around. At this time, there is no real consensus on how to decode them.

Symbolisms of other kinds such as flashing light and a song related to your desire may also appear before you.  It is believed that they are messages from the angels. Officially they are known as synchronicity. Rely on your intution to understand the symbols. In general, they want you to know that angels have heard you and are now working to get you your desired results.

6.Remedy to Remove Subs from Your Mind

When you no more want a subliminal to rule your mind you will need to flush it out. This is done through the use of flush subliminals. You may choose the one below or any other you deem suitable.

7.Remedy against Mind blockage

When you feel your mind is not open to the affirmations you can unblock it using subs made to treat it.

8.Remedy to Let Go of the Desire

Detachment from the result is sometimes needed to make a sub work. To make this possible, you can use subs like this:

9.Remedy When You can't trust Sub Creators

You can make your own sub. For this, you do have to come up with your affirmations. You can follow the steps given in the video below to make your personal subs.

10.Remedy against Sub Hating Ears

It is completely okay if your ears can't stand subs. You can still get the benefits. The method is straightforward. Just let your water in a glass listen to your desired sub twice or thrice. Then just drink it. This is not limited to only subs. You can also read aloud your own affirmations to your water and then drink it to get benefits. You don't need to finish the entire glass in one go. You can program an entire bottle and drink the water throughout your day. Another thing you can do is to mix it with your bath water. This can, however, slow down the process of getting results.

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