Description of Mars in Sagittarius


The beauty of Mars in Sagittarius lies in its eagerness to explore what life has to offer. The natives certainly are big on taking risks, but their eyes on scrutiny save them from being in trouble. This is true mainly for the major decisions.

In all other areas, they do not mind being little impious. Sagittarius is generally very rash. Specifically, in childhood, it forms a major problem for the natives. With each growing year, however, they learn to barricade themselves with the wisdom of the Sagittarius.

Still, these daredevils are notorious for passing insults in a dollop of mockery. Moreover, their style of approaching something boldly is another concern for the weak. That does produce some frenemies. The natives are not foreign to anger either. What saves them from looking frightening is that they explode as well as calm down much quicker than many. They simply do not have the time to maintain permanent waves of bitterness. They would rather forget about it to focus on the big things.

Mars in Sagittarius typically is the rider of gentle contradictions. The natives are very much in tune with the trend. Just like the Libran Mars, they have their eyes set on fashion, gadgets and anything others are doing.
Parties and friends are also very much part of their lives. They just can’t stand boredom and thus, tend to gravitate towards outgoing people. Yet there is no way to call them superficial/shallow simply because their another side is devoted to knowledge gathering. After hours of partying, instead of going to bed, they are inclined to curl up with a good book or be informed about the world through news channels. They also have enough drive to excel in their careers to the point of becoming the benchmark of success. They feel inspired easily and their optimism carries the symbol of infinity. They love to speak all about it. Unfortunately, this is what makes them annoying to some people.

Thanks to high sex drive of Sagittarius, the natives have a love affair going with the bed. They love to try out the new, but with each passing year, they have a tendency to lose the urge to be sexually creative. Those who have a lot of earth also find it difficult to manage what the Sagittarius mars wishes to do. The mental argument is usually between nonconformity and conformity. As the mars sign is mutable the natives may find it difficult to say no to the heat of the moment. Later, they may end up feeling disgusted by it. Some natives may rationalize their situations by clinging to the idea that they do not need to answer anyone, but their God.

Mars in Sagittarius Man

He is a great talker and entertainer. He has electric energy and many sides which he does not always talk about. There is nothing controversial about them. They are just associated with his softness. He just does not think they are important, but he is okay with someone discovering them gradually. Generally, he puts his physical side to display with the purpose to gain praises. Despite the fact that Sagittarius is fiery, he usually tries his best to avoid confrontation. Explosion still needs to occur.

He has many questions, demands and urges. Many find in him a great thinker. Parents and lovers, on the other hand, may find themselves annoyed by his demands. He is materialistic as well as spendthrift. Both are likely to cause money problem in his life especially if they turn into a habit. His greedy side may also lead him to illegal dealings.

He is not the type of guy who goes for love at first sight. Most often he falls in love through the meetings. For him, love is pretty much of a gradual process. But yes, he finds curvy outgoing women attractive. He has a tendency to ignore incompatibility issues and that forms a problem once a relationship begins. He is never shy to ask anyone out. If the lady says no he will decide to keep her as a friend. He may bring up the offer of a relationship again after some years when she is free and looks interested.

He has the power to be faithful. He may even show it off by exaggerating the kind of relationship he shares with his lady. He is freedom loving. He has no problem in allowing his love to enjoy the same. Issues in the relationship come when this freedom is abused by her. Of course, much depends on her personality. This man is prone to getting cheated.

Mars in Sagittarius Woman

She is far more independent than thousands of men combined. She is prone to exhibiting a great amount of maturity even at young age. She has high ambitions, but her optimism combined with energy is what gets her career moving to the highest spot.

It is possible for her to have too many interests with each helping her gain a new talent every month or year. She may drop a few because they no more seem worth the time. At the end, she turns into a bucket of talents, making her effortlessly noticeable. Needless to say her expressions are quite defined. Her luck shines better in anything that demands physical beauty and effort. Most often, she may just find others coming to her with the offer of a career.

She is bold to the point of not caring much about constraints. This can make many of her men misunderstand who she is deep down inside. No matter how independent she looks from outside, within her heart, she is quite traditional with the major areas of a relationship.

When it comes to love she is no different than the man we have above. She is attracted to free spirited men. Moreover, she herself believes in respecting other people’s freedom. Some men may end up translating this into a free pass to cross the line. Trouble is in store for her if she gets too immersed in a relationship. To keep the man, she may start overlooking his habitual cheating.

Nevertheless, since there is good amount of sharpness in her personality, plenty of guys hopelessly fall for her. Getting a relationship is never going to be a problem for her. However, if she gets overly confident about her approach she may turn to manipulating men for selfish reasons instead of true love. She is quite a sex symbol and may find it difficult to be with someone who goes to bed only at night.

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