The Secret Concealer Applicator You Are Not Using

How happy are you with the concealer brushes? Do you truly feel they are convenient? What if there is something better than them?

Yes, there is a different applicator out there. It is probably sitting somewhere in your room right now with its friends.

The promoters of concealer brushes took away our eyes from its power. Now what that secret applicator actually is? Well, it is none other than the cotton swab.

It works faster than the brush, but not without an important ingredient. It is revealed below with the technique that you need to use to quicken the application. Another benefit of this applicator is the smoothness almost similar to icing a cake.

Things needed:

  • Cotton swab
  • Some water in any glass or cap of a plastic bottle
  • Liquid concealer
Step 1: Using the cotton swab, apply a small amount of concealer under your eyes.
Step 2: Now soak that same cotton swab in water. Take it out in 2 seconds. You really do not want to wait. Too much water will make the concealer runny.
Step 3: Now spread the already applied concealer with it under and over your eyes (wherever needed).
Step 4: Let the concealer sit for awhile before you starting applying your normal foundation.
Cotton swab for makeup
Notes and Warnings:
  • As you go to step 3, you will feel the smoothness of the concealer. 
  • Do not use plastic straw cotton swabs. They move a lot and thus, may lead to accidental poke in the eye. Also they have terrible quality. Their cotton starts to come off very quickly, exposing the sharp stick capable of giving cuts under the eye. The one shown in the picture is of Q-Tips brand. Try to get something like that. 
  • It is possible to apply the foundation in this same way, but you will still need the sponge to correct it.
  • What to do with the concealer brush then? For that, we have a project. Stay tuned. 

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