The Unusual Work of Water in the Eyeshadow

When mixed with mascara water does cause calamity around the eyes. But with eye shadow, its relationship is similar to art created on a canvass. Try dating it at least once. One of the many advantages of using water with eye shadow is the seal it creates, making the eye makeup last longer.

Secondly, it gives exactly what we aim for which happens to be the color burst. Blue would look completely blue and pink would smile like the spring flower. Third, it kills the disappointment we may experience from our cheap eye shadows. Here cheap means stubbornly low quality color that neither blushes nor stays longer on the eye lids. Lastly, it keeps the color exactly where we want it to be. For all of these advantages, you have to just take very simple steps.

Things required:
Concealer brush
Your eyemakeup box
Water in a glass or bottle lead
A napkin if you are using more than one color
Smudge brush

1. First deep the brush in water.
2. Next, rub it with the eyeshdadow color you wish to wear.
3. Apply it to your eyelids.
4. For the second session, deep the brush in water and repeat step 2 and 3.
5. Before you apply the second color, wipe the brush on your napkin and then repeat the steps.
6. To prevent the colors from looking like wall paint, smudge the edges with your smudge brush.

As hinted earlier, this is not a new tip. It has been known to plenty of makeup enthusiasts. Here is a tutorial by Ashley Marie demonstrating this tip:
The only difference between this tip and hers is that she sprays the water onto the brush. This works too. Yet there is something you need to know. This tip does not work on all brands. Rimmel Color Trio is a good example. The wet brush will not pick up its color.

But doesn't frequent use of water ruin the brush? I have that fear too. That is why, I have chosen the cheapest concealer brush available in the market. The one you are seeing in the picture comes elf. I have been using the tip for about 8 months now. The brush seems to have remained completely intact.

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