Moon in Aries with Moon in Virgo

First few meetings with a Virgo might not go bad for Aries. But what if they end up in a relationship? This is where the differences will turn things sour for them. But yes, in the beginning, Virgo's inability to be happy with imperfection and imbalance is going to be deeply intriguing for our lunar Martian. The challenge here is to make this lunar earth sign love what can never be perfected. In addition to this, Aries will be quite taken by the collection of knowledge and logic that Virgo has.

But the more these two signs will get to know each other, the more they will think of getting away from their relationship. In no way, they will have a hard time getting used to each other. Compromise is still possible. But the differences will keep making their emotions murky. How? Probably, an example will best answer this question. So jump to the next paragraph.

Ram can go days without doing the bed. Emotionally, it gives more priority to the big business at hand like work and school. A little mess is not so annoying. But for its earthly partner, tidying up the bed each morning is the most important thing. It is a part of healthy lifestyle and also doing bed does not take much time. Such a difference in habit is going to make their entire day complicated. If the issue is brought to the table the two will not be able to stop themselves from throwing mud at each other. Bottom-line is that Aries finds the earthly emotions' attention to little details annoying.

Next, Virgo prefers intellectual stimulation and home economics. To its fiery partner, they are waste of time. According to its viewpoint, there is no challenge or adventure in doing something that does not involve fast body movement. All of these differences will not allow easy flow of love in their relationship.

But in bed, they will probably have a good time. Ram will adore the kinky and dirty side of Virgo. After some good time mating, things will go back to square one. Virgo will want its partner to take shower right away and there, another trouble will begin.

In astrology, the meeting of these two moon signs is called inconjunct. This means that they have no similarity with each other and thus, formation of love in their relationship will have to go through different stages of challenges. This explains why there will be so much resentment in their union.

What we have seen here is the highlight of their relationship. In real life, Aries might feel infatuated with Virgo, but there is a high possibility for them to just skip each other. Deep down inside, they know their relationship will never work.

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