Moon in Aries with Moon in Sagittarius

Two signs of the same element generally have similar characteristics. Same happens when they are connected with the moon. The emotions of archer and ram are therefore good to go together.  They will feel the connection right away. For an Aries, it is very easy to feel at home with Sagittarius. It has much to do with their similar traits. In other words, they are alike. For this reason, the relationship is going to be more like a breath of fresh air for the ram. Freedom of expression is the keyword here.

The ram wants to discuss it all openly and archer is ready to hear with an open mind. Interestingly, their bond hardly has any room for misunderstandings. Even if they occur they will be eliminated quickly and forgotten within a couple of days. Intimacy is also quite deep and open between them. There is hardly any room for buts. As a result, they might well be into experiments.

Both of these signs are good at encouraging. This basically attacks their negative trait pertaining to feeling negative or hostile towards others. They can teach each other to let go of all that is bad and look at the bright side of life. Aries somehow is going to be the bigger winner in this because Sagittarius is highly optimistic and more skilled at encouraging in this relationship. It does not even shy away from taking actions to bring restore the happiness.

 But the negative feeling must be short lived and trivial. Aries must understand that Sagittarius hates to be the baby sitter. What this means is that it will not be always there to provide emotional support. Happy environment is extremely important to its well being. This is also linked to the fact that throughout the relationship, both the lunar signs will notice some selfishness in each other. As mentioned before, the highlight will be personal freedom. This is going to create some negative feelings in both the signs, but if determination is practiced, they will not cause any problems.

Aries must know that Sagittarius  prefers taking care of its own business and hates to be tied down. Another of its problem is fear of committing to the wrong person. That is why, in this relationship, it is important to avoid controlling behavior. Demands must also be lessened.

Astrologically, since both of these signs are trine, they can provide each other ample happiness. The bond will be deep and if all other planetary positions are perfect nothing will break it apart.

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