Moon in Aries with Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio is naturally magnetic, mysterious and persevering. These are not present in Aries. Still if they go on a date they will surely feel attracted to each other. Apparently, these two do have some factors in common. For instance, both of them are hardcore go getters. Both of them are passionate about what they do. Both of them have a tendency to suddenly start feeling negative towards others. Both of them like a good challenge. Both of them are hunters. Lastly, both of them want to be in control. The mixture of all this might simply push the two into a relationship. The chemistry so far is perfect.

That said Scorpio tends to be darker, more sensitive, interrogative, possessive and emotional than Aries.In the beginning of the relationship, all of them will remain overshadowed by Scorpio’s seductive communication style. It is possible that such a trait will keep things hot and intimate between the two for some months. Only going deeper will put out Aries' blazing fire. We are talking about the passion here.

Specifically, ram will feel that the relationship is nothing more than a prison. As usual, the freedom here is trapped. Scorpio’s ongoing interrogation coupled with possessiveness is going to be too frustrating for Aries. It does not like to be questioned after all. The issue in this situation is Scorpio's inability to trust Aries' independent lifestyle. Consequently, they are going to argue.

By the way, Aries will also find out that it is not so easy to trust Scorpio either. Much of it is connected to Scorpio’s habit of hiding emotions and history.

In addition to all that, compromising will cause some tensions in the relationship. The two signs will not want to change their way of controlling emotions. So gradually, their love will be replaced by hatred. They will attack each other. They will hurt each other. Eventually, if they do not break up all those things will cause too much bitterness in their relationship.

Since Aries is more impatient with too much emotion, we can predict that it will be the first to initiate the breakup earlier in the relationship. It is just the tension will be unbearable.

In astrology, the emotions of Aries and Scorpio are inconjunct. This definitely hints why so much frustration will occur in the relationship. But yes, somehow due to some of the mentioned common factors, these two signs can do well as friends. They still must make sure that they are not pushing their opinions on each other. Otherwise, it will not take long for them to turn into enemies. Expect some fierce competitions also. That is why, it is highly important for them to take precaution.

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