Made Two New Discoveries about Salt and Skin

I got curious about what salt can do us externally and decided to do an experiment on it. Surprisingly, whenever I mentioned it to someone backlash followed. I still went ahead.

Salt on Skin Experiment

It is not like I knew nothing about the marriage between our skin and salt. Some things went bad though. These are the mistakes I came across:
  • Using salt containing iodine on skin is torture. It feels so itchy!
  • Salt is capable of leaving cuts if massaged onto skin. It is sharp like blade. Mixing water does not help.
  • Salt mixed with lime juice is capable of removing tan within 10 minutes. It becomes permanent unless you expose it to sun irresponsibly. But doing the application frequently gets that specific area of the skin wrinkled badly. Culprit here is the lime juice and not the salt.
  • Some people online talked about how they used salt water as toner. I have sensitive skin. The toner ended up giving me acne. On day 2, things went worse. It seemed the idea of keeping the salt water in bottle for later use was a bad idea. My skin felt weird.
Those things justify the backlash. Still my thirst for continuing the salt experiment failed to die. There was something I noticed. I made a few tweaks to what I was doing to understand that better. First of all, I went for iodine free salt. It was Morton. I started it all in summer. My skin was horribly dry and I wanted it that way so I could see the result of my experiment better.  I took some salt in my hand with few drops of water to make it moist. I softly and carefully dabbed it to my face and after 2 minutes washed off. This time things became clear. My face no more felt dry. In fact, whatever tiny age related wrinkles I got looked literally invisible. The skin, overall, felt plumped, soft and glossy. I stopped the application to see how long my facial skin would stay that way.

There was no break from shower and yet it took two days for the dryness and wrinkles to reappear. When my husband (11 months older than me) got interested in that I told him to repeat this experiment. He had the same result and we both became its fan. So far I have not seen any side effect. But then again, I find the process annoying. I have to always make sure that no residue stays on my skin. I choose to go with the salt only when I have something big coming up and I am the center of the universe.

Salt on Hair Experiment

People around me have always been panicking about hair loss. Men seem to have the most intense fear because going bald is common for their gender. In general, the ones in their 30s panic the most. But as explained to me by my gold medal holding biologist sister, unless the fall looks extremely abnormal, there is nothing to worry about. Like all other animals, humans’ shedding is part of nature. What we must still remember is that hair fall in general, is a response to imbalanced ph of the head skin. Salt is known to restore ph balance. So I asked: Could salt application prevent the fall?

I could not dare to pour the particles on hair. I had to take a detour to salt water. I made it by stirring 3 spoons of salt to water. I took the solution to shower in a bottle. Just some minutes before getting out, I poured it on my wet hair and then washed. That day after it, something strange I noticed. Not even that normal hair fall was visible anymore. The effect remained like this for two days. On third day, the falling went back to normal. I then tried regular washing of hair with salt water. This time another new effect showed up. I generally have silky hair. That remained visible. However, touching showed sharpness in them. I did not notice anything else. I disliked the sharpness for which I no more wanted to regularly use the salt water.

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