Experiment Report on whether Turmeric Gets Rid of Acne

The people of India for generations have claimed that turmeric, a yellow spice is an excellent medication for the problematic skin. The basic notion is that this natural ingredient gets rid of acne, hyper pigmentation and wrinkles so on. Moreover, anyone can try it out because it does not provide any side effect.  I myself have been research on turmeric for about 8 months now. I must also emphasize that I have been experimenting its strength on my own skin. So by now, I have collected a good amount of data on it. Since I do not wish to make this post monotonous and bulky, I will break down the information into different parts.  Here we will only take a look whether turmeric does have any impact on acne. To have full understanding of turmeric’s impact on other skin problems you will need to check out the next posts.

Acne is something that often takes hold of my skin. So my attempt was to kill it with turmeric. I read online that it is best to use this turmeric in raw form on the skin. I tried searching for it in both Middle Eastern and Indian stores, but the owners told me they did not have it. So I had to settle for its powdered form which cost me less than $3. From online sources, I learned that this powder could contain some artificial color and thus could harm the skin. My curiosity still did not stop me from trying it out.

First Experiment Result:
I mixed the turmeric powder in water to give it a paste form.  Then I applied it to my clean face. The mixture just dried off over the skin within 15 minutes. So I washed it off and then went to bed. Next day, when I looked in the mirror, I noticed that my pimples did not only shrink in size, but also dried off. Next day, I again continued with the experiment. This time the acne started clearing up. So my confidence on turmeric rose higher.

The burning sensation and Yellow Stain:
Applying too much of turmeric paste on the skin is definitely not the right idea. It has a tendency to give a burning sensation on the skin.  Another problem is the yellow stain. It simply is not possible to get rid of easily. An advantage of having this yellow stain on the facial skin is that it makes the makeup glow. But if your face stays bare your family members will feel uncomfortable in coming face to face with you. This is natural. But due to the burning sensation, it is better to add less than half tablespoon of the turmeric in the water.  This will also minimize the yellow stain problem.

Another problem forming while implementing turmeric treatment:
Despite seeing significant reduction in acne, I felt that the turmeric dried off my skin badly. Unfortunately, that left me disappointed. However, I found out that this problem was easy to eliminate through moisturizer. So after I finished washing off the turmeric from my face, I applied the moisturizer. This should imply to you that you should not depend just on turmeric mask for skin care.

Future condition of acne:
Routine use of turmeric seems to be a great way to keep pimples away. They do try to come back, but the turmeric prevents them from getting bigger. So sometimes it is possible to see their tiny whiteheads here and there.

I took a break of one month from turmeric to see what happened to my skin. Just as I predicted, the pimples began resurfacing just like before. They were in their usual larger size. So I will say that sudden halt in turmeric treatment will take the acne prone skin back to its problem days.

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