Quick Way to heal Bumps and Rashes forming from Hair Removal Cream and Wax

Hair removal cream and wax are not always friendly to us. Sometimes they leave rashes and bumps on the skin. Even being careful with such products is not enough. It is also important to mention that such bumps and rashes are not only painful, but also take time to heal. If the use is continued on young skin even after seeing them the trouble will emerge ahead. Young skin is prone to catching bumps which may end up leaving permanent scars. At least this is what happened with me. So act as soon as possible. One of the most effective cures is given below. Make use of it. It is extremely cheap, but artificial chemical free.

The cure is in this South Asian spice called turmeric. You will be able to find it in powder form at every South Asian grocery store. I have been its fan for a long time and so I like experimenting with it to see what positive results it gives on skin. You will see more posts about it here in the coming days. So do check back. Now to heal bumps and rashes coming from hair removal cream or wax, just do the following steps:

1. Add half a tablespoon of turmeric powder in four drops of water.
2. Stir to make a paste.
3. Apply it to your bumps or rashes. Since the area will remain sensitive, you will feel a bit of sting there, but don’t worry. It is just a small amount of reaction.
4. Let the turmeric paste stay on for about 10 to 15 minutes.
5. Then wash it off.
6. Last, wear an oil free moisturizer.

Next day, you will not feel the pain of the rashes or bumps anymore. As a matter of fact, the area that seemed red from it will go back to its original color. But if they are severe repeat the process again. Within a week, you will be free of them. 

Actually, I found out that the above steps work by accident! A few days ago, I used the facial hair cream only to end up with rashes on the left side of my face. I thought they would heal naturally. So without thinking anymore about them, I embarked on experimenting with the turmeric paste I made. Next day, when I looked myself in the mirror I found out that the rashes were gone. It was a miracle, for before when I really allowed them to heal naturally, they took three to four days to disappear.

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