Sexual Liberation's Roots in Scams, Torture and Censorship

In the real world, sexual liberation does not exist. Men want to lose virginity for other men. Women want to lose theirs to keep their men. Eventually, what we see is that the first rarely comes from the heart. People just want to please somebody. Thematically, it is all about insecurity.

We have this war on body count and past details considered disturbing for a long term relationship and marriage. Meanwhile, studies keep showing that majority of the women fake orgasm and that is also for appearing politically correct in bed.

It took a hashtag called #Metoo to expose that sexual liberation is actually sexual oppression. Now some are trying to change how consent should look like in a dating scene to eliminate collateral damage. Can we truly live happily ever after with sexual liberation? There is no way out with a make-believe concept. The root itself rests upon scams, torture and censorship as shown by history and analysis.

1.Fake cosmopolitan articles injected sexual liberation into women’s movement

This was admitted by Sue Ellen Browder, in her Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women's Movement. She mentions how she knew very well that the two were like oil and water. She still continued. Her young age is what she blames now for the dishonesty she practiced by writing about sexually liberated women who were nothing more than fictional characters. Even her editor found the contents vulgar and terrifying.

2.Feminists went to fulfill a man's request

In that same book, Browder reveals that an unknown character going by the name of Larry Lader was working behind the scene to make it all happen. He was quite a convincing guy and thus, a group was secretly formed to bring about the sexual 9/11. His main interest was abortion which he finally was able to insert into the movement despite being fully aware that his model was another step closer to destruction of sexual morality. Sometimes Playboy is also blamed. But a pattern emerged which showed that men were behind movies that taught women how to be sexually liberated.

3.Mentally disturbed researcher’s disturbingly fraudulent research used as support

The researcher was none other than Alfred Kinsey. Financially backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, his work on human sexuality became the scientific pillars for the revolution. He taught the world that a large number of Americans were already enjoying casual sex in many questionable forms such as extra marital affair, prostitution service, bestiality and so on. His work shaped up the idea that sex was purely rooted in biology and mostly damage free to relationships.

Alfred Kinsey’s research published as books like Sexual Behavior in the Human Male gained him massive stardom at the time. They say he gave women the drive to finally become sexually liberated. However, upon close inspection, majority of the researchers found toxicity in his data. Most of his participants turned out to be prisoners and his pedophile team members.
A good number of singles were tagged as married. The experiments, on the other hand, involved molestation of infants. Many among them are now living with mental illness. Kinsey was not blind to the fact that his team violated several laws. He died fighting a case that came as a result of his pornographic materials. He was accused of being a pedophile also. It is reported that his biography is not so accurate either.

Still he deserves respect for his work. It is useful for weighing people’s common sense and degree of fakery. In Sexual Behavior in the Human Male Kinsey shows us this table:
Anyone can tell what is wrong with it. Kinsey also gives us details about the experiment. They are worse than what you saw in horror movies.

4.Misuse of evolutionary biology

Kinsey did use it to accelerate gaining of support for his ideology. The torch is now being carried by our beloved experts. So many people fall for it. As we have heard, men evolved to spread their seeds. Recent studies have been debunking this claim. It is actually not caveman theory, but situations that drive men’s sexual decisions. And even when these things are ignored, that caveman theory stays clownish. Being programmed to do something does not mean it is a must. Plus men do carry monogamy hormone. The funniest thing is that these experts also say that the children on whom the caveman father spent his resources were more likely to survive. This means spreading of the seeds is dangerous for a community.

5.Suppression of the study which found link between sexual liberation and end of civilization

Sexual liberation is not new. In the past, many civilizations practiced it exactly like us. The result was nothing less than what cancer does to a body.  In 1934, ethnologist and social anthropologist J. D. Unwin published a book called Sex and Culture in which he literally painted what we see in our society now. According to his study, in the last 5000 years, our sexual liberation inhaled 86 tribes and civilizations. But yes, it takes 100 years or 3 generations to get to that position. Unwin observed that free sex eventually causes societies to become lazy and aimless, undermining the sophisticated manpower required to prevent backwardness, invasion and replacement by ambitious foreigners.

We can agree with Unwin that monogamy creates real men, but his conclusion that the disasters are associated with freedom of women is incorrect. In some parts of the world like Middle East, women hardly have much freedom, but this did not stop promiscuity from bubbling out in their society. The thing basically operates in the name of religion.

In 1935, anthropologist Ruth Benedict went ballistic over Unwin’s study. Many sexually liberated people are relieved to find that out. The belief is that she refuted Unwin. Upon closer inspection, something different emerges. For instance, Benedict accused Unwin of manipulating the definition of sexual restraint and cultural achievement without letting us know what they truly meant in her view. She openly called Unwin’s correlation evidence absurd and that’s it. In general, however, her writing gives an impression that all her readers were familiar with her academic terms and tribes she studied. Her claims were not loaded with real sources and citations. And to some extent, they were not necessary because what she did was simply review Sex and Culture. Moreover, she was a feminist. Today, Unwin’s conclusion is discredited with the idea that correlation does not imply causation. What no one wants to notice is that how sex is utilized has profound impact on an entire nation.

6. Ongoing censorship

Scams, torture and censorship live on as our now-sexual culture. Majority of the young people instinctively and individually know this is no liberation, but talking about it outside is considered blasphemy.To make things worse, today walking talking dildos are known as alphas and real men. Hardly anyone wants to directly face the dark truth that we have lost so much to this oppressive sexual culture. In The New Politics of Sex: The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties, and the Growth of Governmental Power,Stephen Baskerville mentions how research on sex is intentionally suppressed. He directly blames feminists in the academic, saying anything anti sexual liberation is often taken as personal attack by them. We have to beg to differ. That reaction is exhibited by majority of the participants. It is easy to test out. For instance, on subreddit Virgin, one can discuss sexual exploitation to lose V card, but any content about how choosing to wait is a wise idea is immediately deleted. Feminists, on the other hand, consider someone's preference to marry a virgin as slut shaming. Men are not behind either. They all blame women for sexual liberation which seems more like a coping mechanism. They are taller and stronger, but nobody knows why they can't say no to something they despise so much.

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