2019 Tarot Predictions for the 12 Zodiac Signs With A Song for Each

Here are the 2019 tarot card predictions for the 12 zodiac signs.

We look at the love life and career of each one of them.

To make it more fun and interesting, the predictions are linked to songs you can call as your own. The cards used are from Rider Waite.

Both upright and reversed positions have been considered. I am quite fascinated by the readings I did below for the career of each sign. The cards picked up the force of Saturn in Capricorn.


1. Aries

Career: For you, we have Justice. This is a great card to have for a career. 2019 is all about balance and karma. Your hard work will certainly pay off, but don’t let it create pride in your heart and sell yourself to the devil. What you give is what you are going to get. Justice is ruled by Libra. This means, for success, supercharge your career with some positive Libran traits. Being diplomatic will come easy to you this 2019. Make use of it.

Love: Your love life has reversed 3 of Cups. This signals mild romantic irritation. As a single, you will not feel ready for anything serious. If you are already with someone a third person may cause some friction in your relationship.

Expect some dramas coming because of your hopelessness. But it is not going to be anything too big. Remember Three of Cups comes from minor arcane. Its energy is low and so is its impact.

Your Song:

2. Taurus

Career: Queen of Pentacles governs your career in 2019. You have your eyes set on money, but at the same time, you are looking to make your career comfortable. Both will come to fruition, yet you will choose to stay out of the glow.

An earthly female may prove to be beneficial for whatever professional goal you have for the year.

Love: Your love life is going to be under the influence of reversed 2 of Wands. That is not completely bad. Thinking deep about love this year is not your main concern. You are breaking up with it to enjoy what you already have. You are accepting a “so what” attitude. If you are already in a relationship you are letting it guide itself.

As a single, you seem to be less concerned about rejections. You are ready to go from person to person if dating events are not giving desired results.

Your Song:

3. Gemini

Career: Congratulations, your career has the Sun tarot card. You tend to be indecisive, but this 2019, you know exactly what you wish to do professionally. As an artist, you will get a lot of boost in your creativity. People will see you making sense and that may mean success for you. You will be boldly as well as innocently happy in your career.

Love: Here we have 4 of Wands. Your relationship will receive a lot of warmth this year. You will get closer to your partner. Friends and family will most likely accept your relationship.

If you choose 2019 to be the year of your wedding you will have an unforgettable ceremony. Is your partner unstable or are you unhappy about your relationship? If yes 4 of Wands tells you to spend time with your family as this will elevate your mood.

Your Song:

4. Cancer

Career: Take a deep breath and relax. You will be driven by 5 of Cups. This signals a bit of blindness. You will achieve things. You will see success. But mentally, you will keep underestimating their worth. You will feel highly disappointed because you wanted more. You will believe you could have done better. In general, you will be nit-picky.

Love: Your love life has reversed 10 of Pentacles. This means your relationship will have some financial problem. Otherwise, the people around you are not happy about who you are with. Your partner may make the relationship somewhat unstable. As a single, you are not in mood to meet anyone new.

Your Song:

5. Leo

Career: You have reversed Knight of Swords this 2019. Professionally, you will find yourself less patient and tolerant. You may make some drastic career changes or professional decisions without research and thought. You will exhibit a lot of energy to speed up your work. In leadership position, you may seem too harsh. Expect to have a lasting impact on others by what you do.

Love: Emperor is your cupid for 2019. You are more active about your love life. If you are a guy you will be dominating. But if you are the female your partner will be doing that. Someone you like will literally be occupying your mind far deeper than ever before. You are noticed by your date. Relationship will be going well.

Your Song:

6. Virgo

Career: Your career will be accompanied by the Magician, hinting things can go either positive or negative. You have the power to control though. The kind of weapons you need for that are already within you. Your physical action is necessary. Sitting and waiting will not get you the result you want.

Keep in mind that in 2019, any change you make internally is going to affect external outcomes in your career.

Love:Your love life is being similar to your career. Your romantic 2019 is going to be ruled by the Judgment card. Are you being judgmental about your dates or partner? It seems you are putting your relationship styles under magnifying glass.

You may also sense karma unfolding. If you have been good to the one you love expect only the positive to happen. Anything bad may affect you psychologically. This year you may also deeply contemplate on breaking up.

Your Song:

7. Libra

Career: You have reversed 6 of Swords. Expect a lot of frustration in your career. What once worked for you is broken beyond repair this 2019. It is useless to waste time on this. There seems to be no steps to solve anything.

But know, great transformation is awaiting you professionally. Your success will be there. It is all about moving from the old to new this year.

Love: Here we have Moon tarot card. You have intense time ahead.

In a way, you are over thinking about your love life. 2019 seems to be a lot about you having petty arguments with your partner out of insecurity and frustration.

As a single, you are choosing dates or falling in love too impulsively. Deep down, you will know these are not the people you should be with. Certainly, logic is not magical over love, but you do have to make that side of your brain work so you can avoid getting your heart broken.

Your Song:

8. Scorpio

Career: You will be having reversed 3 of Pentacles in your career. This can mean incompatibility at work. If you are working with others as a group there might be some disagreement . They may see your work as below expectation. You may feel a bit lonely.

If you are a businessman, you may see moderate financial losses, but it is not something that is unfixable. In fact, whatever disappointment you will have can be eliminated. You just have to make sure that you are in flow with those in your surrounding. Reversed 3 of Pentacles is not at all a scary card in a reading.

Love: Your love life has reversed Ace of Swords. This signifies a relationship that does not get much attention. But then again, it is always possible that romance is not an important factor in your head this 2019. Otherwise, you are feeling like a romantic victim. If you have a love interest only expect some blocks. You two may end up with distrust. In general, be careful about how you flirt.

Your song:

9. Sagittarius

Career: This year you have reversed Queen of Swords. You will have problem with your colleagues. Your work is running short of proper guidance. Otherwise, it is being translated as not up to the mark.

You have to watch your mouth since it may injure many hearts at work. You may feel nobody is there to understand you, but know that it is rather self imposed.

Love: Your love life is being governed by Hierophant. This means you are trying out romance exactly how your tradition dictates it. You are staying away from giving your opinions. This is giving your partner the room to gain some control over the relationship.

If you are single you might be looking for a person with their family in mind. You wish to be accepted for something serious.

Your song:

10. Capricorn

Career: Ooh la la, Queen of Cups is influencing your career, dear Capricorn. What's the meaning of that? Your career, this 2019, will go through some healing process. You are reflecting on your past choices emotionally as well as logically. You are accepting the fact that some things will never work out and thus, you need to let go of those.

You are becoming sure of what you truly wish to do professionally. And no matter what you choose, result of this will be marked by your own honesty, willpower and calmness.This is the year of you to do things by believing in yourself. You may decide to be in any competition.

Love: Here we have 7 of Pentacles, signaling a halt in soap opera styled drama. Whatever relationship you have will stay as it has always been. If you are single you will keep looking. But yes, you will be seriously working on any decision you make about your love life. You have perseverance in the air.

Your Song:

11. Aquarius

Career: 8 of Wands runs your career in 2019. This signifies reconciliation in your professional life. Previously, you thought of challenges as annoying. You allowed them to overpower you. Your disappointment showed. This time you will patiently tackle whatever may come.

Your speed will be accelerated. You will not care about what any authority figure thinks. You have turned into wheels and engine of your own car. You will certainly get your desired success.

Love: You have the Queen of Pentacles in your love life. That is good if last couple of years you had a roller coaster ride. Queen of Pentacles is telling us how you are seeing that the love of your life has a huge connection to finance, respect and stability. Technically, in 2019, you will be working on those three factors whether you are single or taken.

Your Song:

12. Pisces

Career: Reversed Lovers card is in your career. This signifies you tying your love life to your profession. Otherwise, you may experience betrayal from your colleagues.

Your emotions are taking you away from your goals. You have to learn how to leave your heartache at home and be steadfast.

Love: Your love life has reversed 4 of Cups and this means you are waking up to smell the coffee. You are now looking to repair your relationship or simply to add more zest to it.

As a single or someone feeling victimized by the partner, you are deciding to meet new people. If you have been heartbroken, now you are feeling the need to use your energy to move on.

Your Song:

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