Here is Why to Say No to Dry Shaving

We will begin by talking about Project Body Hair by Billie. It is garnering praises for showing women's body hair. But what you are seeing below is the problem. The commercial has many other women doing the same. This may signal you that it is okay to go for dry shaving. In winter, you will be more at home with the temptation. But the real action must be avoided.

An image from Project Body Hair by Billie
Preparing the body part for shaving is not a tradition, but a beneficial requirement. Why? Answer is below:

1. Dry skin is vulnerable to cuts. It can be much worse for areas that have bumps. One good example is the thigh skin. Some bumps there may bleed.

2. Even if you don't get cuts you will feel the sting from the blade. Holding the skin tightly at the time of shaving can eliminate it. This is still not a victory. If the specific part of the  skin comes in contact with water that sting will make a guest appearance again.

3. It is time consuming. Because of the two points above, you have to pay extra attention and that will slow down your shaving session. 

4. Dry shaving done continuously even for 4 days is great at killing the sharpness of the blade in use. Thus, you will have to frequently replace your razor or its cartridge.

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