Ideas to Fully take Advantage of Old, Faded and Torn Clothes

Like it or not, all clothes have an end. While many of them no more can compete against those in trend, others just become faded and torn. What can be done about those damaged clothes? Can they be reused for something else? Fortunately, yes, there are actually many ways to take advantage of them.  Below are some of those ideas.

Keep them for cleaning things around home

It is not practical to keep spending money on kitchen towels and wipes. Save it all by turning your clothes into napkins to clean things around home. You can reuse them after each wash.

However, a whole dress can be used piece by piece as shown below and if you are lazy, you can indeed get rid of each. 

Wear at home

Feel free to wear your old and even torn clothes at home especially if you have no guests around. This is completely natural and universally accepted law of home! No trend can ever break it. You can actually prevent your normal clothes from getting stained from car washing and fixing by going for your old ones.

Make Disposable shoe cleaning doormat for rainy season

Doormat is hard to wash. But without it, you can't prevent muddy shoes from entering your home during rainy reason. Try covering the mat with cloth you no longer need.

You will not have to worry about getting the quality of it messed up. Plus, it will actually make shoe wiping a whole lot easier. You can always dispose of the cloth later. Anything brighter in color can help you see how much mud your home might be attracting.

Make heat packs

For cost effectiveness, you can use the pieces of these clothes as alternative to heat packs to sooth mumps related swollen cheeks. Go for those that don't contract too much heat.

Sell online 

Hard to believe, but the most exciting fact about used clothes is that they always have buyers and locations where they can be sold. The best among all is eBay. It can never go wrong. In fact, eBay can help you make $5 to $20 dollar out of your used clothes. But there are certain tricks on how to really be attractive to the buyers. It is all on the clean pictures of the clothes. If their fabrics have defects it must be mentioned under the description. Honesty is the key! Craigslist can also be taken as best if you do not want to share your profit with anyone. Someone actually made 100,000 just by old clothes.

Donate to charity organizations for tax deduction

In United States, items like clothes donated to charity are tax deductible. So if you think selling clothes at eBay or Craigslist is a hassle you can try this donation idea. This is actually much easier. Some charity organizations like Salvation Army and Vietnam Veterans of America will pick up your donations directly from your home and hand you their receipt promptly. You can also get some money. Salvation Army's list is found here. But of course, you have to make sure to give them a call for this job and do note that they have the right to reject and you will feel weird to donate those that are extremely damaged.

Save the materials for arts and crafts projects

You will notice that many of your dresses and blouses have beads, ribbons, bows and flowers. Take them out and save them. They will be helpful in your arts and crafts projects. But this is not all. They can also be used for giving a stylish look to gift boxes. Moreover, the beads can come in handy for jewelry making. They are great for making dolls' dresses. 

Make purses and organizers 

Some clothes can be changed into organizers for other things like pencils, scissors, and so forth.  For this, all you have to do is create pockets out of them.

Use them as makeup remover wipes

Actual makeup remover wipes are a bit expensive. They can be reused. But if you want to save your money you can turn your not-needed-clothes into such wipes. Cut out small pieces for that. Make sure that you wash them first.

Revamp to wear again

If you are good with sewing you can change some of your clothes into something different so you can wear them again. Usually, a long skirt can be turned into a pair of pants or mini skirt. Similarly, a pair of pants can be turned into shorts and dress can become scarf.

Use as cushions
Moving to a new house is a tiring task. So many things are need to be put inside the boxes. Some even need extra cushions. To make this job possible, instead of getting bubble wraps, you can use your old clothes.

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