Reasons the Man Divorcing Won't Date You Anymore

You have been dating a guy who is on the verge of getting a divorce. You spent a lot of time with him. He seems to really care. Once the divorce thing is over, you believe you two will become one. But then one day he calls to tell you he can’t see you anymore. There is nothing wrong with you. He says he just wants to focus on the divorce battle. This takes up all his time. He will have to move to a new place, yadda yadda yadda.

You then wonder how that is possible when you are not even living with him. His words are naturally going to prick you. But no, you are not the only one feeling it. Year after year, countless women have been hearing that same breakup excuse from that same category of men. Some requested me for tarot readings because obviously the statements don’t seem credible.

Our cards, however, showed consistency. Men are prone to being honest. They are driven by “as is”. So yes, the cards do confirm that the breakup excuse is accurate depiction of how they feel. But we have to go to reality also. There can be one or too many things at play as you will see below.

On a side note, if you are one of those who contacted me in the past to get a reading on a man like this let me assure you that I did not mention these extras to you because of my own lack of knowledge and experience with the internal nature of our law and social studies. Cards don't give out details and back then, business was my only field. But now that I am specialized in  Public Administration and wear passion for laws on my sleeve I can see where this man is coming from.

His lawyer told him 

It is always seen as a necessary step to disclose dating information to a divorce lawyer who in turn would always recommend the man to break up. Why?

A relationship at the time of divorce proceeding can turn into a liability. You have to be scared of spouse’s lawyer. The relationship can be used against the man as extra marital affair. That can influence alimony and if children are involved things can get worse. Divorce proceeding itself may become much lengthier than needed, denting his wallet.

It is beneficial to date after the full completion of the proceeding. In courts, extra marital affair is still very much a topic of debate.

Dented social standing 

The relationship can severely dent his social standing. Contrary to popular belief, buddies and family members still very much frown on those who look happily in love with someone else at the time of divorce. A man can lose everyone overnight as his character gets molded into a villainous shape.

If the news breaks out he may even get rejected by property managers or find his colleagues getting cold towards him.

Internal factors 

Sometimes it is truly his way of testing the waters for various reasons. Divorce is never a happy experience. Some men try to get over their wives by going to other women’s arms. In this situation, you are a trial. He wants to just find out what’s out there.

Letting Go Is the Best Policy

No matter what the reason is, it is best to not date a man who on the verge of getting divorce gives you such breakup excuse. See it as a safety measure for your heart.

Some spouses can take revenge on you. Their lawyers can drag your name to the court to ruin the reputation of the guy which in turn may mean yours too is at risk. You suddenly don’t want to be known as the other woman.

His children, after knowing about you, can start to hate you. His buddies and family members see you as the other villain. It is not worth the time to go through all this. Currently, the emotions he gave you through the breakup will blind you from seeing the benefits. Don't worry, this time will pass.

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