Best Things to Buy From Daiso Japan

As the name suggests, Daiso Japan we have in California comes all the way from Japan. Everything in the store looks cheerful. Most of them have a touch of kawaii which in English means cute. But appearance can be deceptive. Any regular Daiso Japan shopper will tell you that.

Quality is the problem. When the store first came out we all were enchanted by the promo that all things there were just $1.50.

Once there, we learned that was not the situation. People often started ignoring most things that were $2 to $10, thinking of it like a loss. As we all became regular shoppers, we began realizing that even within that price range, not all those things were loss.

But you still need to be careful. Value for money can be found in the following Daiso Japan products:


Daiso Japan's small purses have always been a big hit. They are cute and of many different shapes. Good thing is that they are not always repeated.

Buying one, thus, means owning something that will eventually become unique. Small purses have price range of $1.50 to $6.


The jewelry section in Daiso Japan suffers from acute avoidance of people. For once, visit it. You will definitely find something there of your liking.

Their price never crosses $1.50. Designs seem to not change either. Quality is good provided you are not buying the earrings which for some reason give discomfort to ears.


If you are a fan of bright colors don't skip Daiso's mirror section. All the mirrors except for the bigger ones are $1.50. Yes, they come in a wide variety of shapes.

Most have leads and that means that you don't have to worry about dust. Choose whichever mirror satisfies your needs. Their cuteness makes them perfect gift as well.


All clips in Daiso are $1.50. Most designs don't change. The butterfly ones are always there and they are the ones that are most stunning. Still let's remind ourselves that not all clips are created equal. This is true especially for the claw-clips. They all break somewhere in time.


The sandals shown in the image are a must have! Why? Because they are strong above water. They will not let you slip like other sandals. The best thing is that they can last for a long time. They can take any kind of abuse. If you lose them or they look worn out after several years, you can come back to store and buy another pair. Yes, they are always available and that is also at just $2.


Potpourri from Daiso Japan seems to have good quality. The fragrance lasts for years and what is inside the pack looks extremely beautiful. Many of the leaves and stems can be used in arts and crafts also.

The price is always $1.50. But yes, packs change. That is why, you should grab anything that looks attractive to you as soon as possible.

Decorative items

Never leave any decorative items that you like in Daiso Japan. Many of them don't surely have Asian touch. Still you can't underestimate them. They don't last too long. Moreover, you will not find them later elsewhere.

Most items there have prices ranging from $1.50-$10. Size and demand typically will decide how much you pay.

Bento molds

You don't need bento boxes to take advantage of the molds. They are good for any style you want your food to have.

Daiso always have these molds, but there might be sometimes changes in designs. All of them are available at $1.50.


Daiso used to be flooded with cute boxes. Now the amount is reduced. There is no sacrifice in style though.

All boxes are available at $1.50. Its worth buying them for gifting purposes. You can also use them for your personal items. Quality-wise, they are excellent. You will find them lasting for years.

As mentioned earlier, many products of Daiso lack quality. That's okay. We should not expect too much from a Dollar store. Precaution should still be taken against the following:

Stationary products: The erasures can ruin your paper. Pen ink may dry out quicker.

Inventions: Daiso has many products designed to make life easier. They are mostly inventions. But that is where their purpose ends. At the time of use, you will not be able to make them work.

Seen and bought before: Some cleaning agents and kitchen products will look familiar. That's because they are available elsewhere and that is also at fraction of the cost.

Makeup products: Only some may work correctly.

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