Tricks to Make Knorr One Skillet Meal Moroccan Style Chicken With Barley In Simplest Way

This Moroccan style chicken with barley is promising and can be made by any college student using simple tricks requiring no heavy shopping.

Knorr makes it sound like a whole lot of work. You really don't need to listen to all their instructions. In fact, following them faithfully can give you a bit of dull result.

Hubby and I don't have much time for exploring the geography of raw chicken. He came up with an alternative and then I added my flavor idea to the dish. Try them out.

What chicken to use?

Hubby got the Safeway Select Nuggets. We crisped them in the oven and then chopped using scissors. It was done for an important reason. You will know about it shortly.

Since those were already done, we started the cooking by first frying the cauliflowers and carrots. After that, we added the Knorr pack of barley and flavors.

They boiled in water for a few minutes. When the barley began to thicken and water was partially drying we added the chopped nuggets to the pan. The inside of the chicken them began to absorb the flavors.

What to use for more justice?

The flavor, we felt demanded heat. This was caught at the time of cooking. Instead of sauce and powder, what worked like magic was one chopped up green Thai chili. That also goes by the name of Bird’s eye. It is possible to try any other chili as long as it is hot.

What was the other omitted ingredient?

We intentionally omitted raisins from the dish. It has a bit to do with us not being very fond of those things. We were also suspicious about how they did not seem compatible with the flavor. For us, the decision worked.

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