Refutation to 6 Empowering Reasons All Women Should Have A Promiscuous Phase Article

Thought catalog is home to those who defy logic and human rights. Their articles rank quite high.
Some among them sell casual sex by remixing all that the Trojan horses in disguise of feminists have been saying for ages.

For young girls, it usually takes a whole lot of time to understand the game. So we go for a shortcut here by refuting one of those articles. Its author is trying to promote casual sex as empowering and that women should consider having its phase. When contents of people like her are tracked for years what pops is how they eventually begin to struggle to find a caregiver to play spouse for the one of the end of life programs called marriage in their hyper sexual society. We will have a look at that later.

Warning: The refutation maybe too disturbing to closed minded members of sexual liberation. Saying that it is somehow promoting traditional sexual relationships is not going to work here. That comment came from Cultural Marxism. Now what did Mr Karl Marx used to do at home? Raped/Slept his housekeeper, Helene Demuth at the time when his wife was pregnant. Now lets get to our refutation.

She starts with:

It’s a known and accepted fact that single men sleep around. Women are typically uncertain to behave in this same fashion due to the irrational fear of acting like a “slut” or “whore.” Although there are people who still maintain these outdated beliefs, thankfully we’re crossing the bridge to a new era in which we acknowledge the double standard of slut shaming.
It’s a known and accepted fact that these men are sleeping with women.  That is why, her first line makes no sense.

Being called slut or whore are her own fears. How do we know? She does not even want to reveal her name. See below.

Someone secure in her sexual choice should not be doing it. The most interesting word she has up there is “behave”. It is not her word. We don’t say, ‘I want to behave like men by sleeping around’. It is a word actually used in criticisms.

She writes:
1. Your body = your decision.
We’re taught to view sex as immoral and that women should be shamed if they do not adhere to these standards. However, there is no protocol for the proper time to do it and you’ll learn that the choice of who you want to sleep with and when you’re ready is entirely yours and no one else’s.
Whatever she has parroted up there from feminists is not just irrational, but also irresponsible, severely disturbing and filled with loopholes. She does not explain her subheading #1 in the paragraph. Feminists use that according to whatever women's issue they are tackling. The line is convenient! When author's paragraph is included to it we find that she is making two crimes look too casual for punishment.If we start to think like her we will soon have to abolish the idea of taking rape victims seriously and punishing rapists. Meanwhile, absence of no proper time means there should not be any law against pedophiles.

In short, she is teaching women to rape both men and children. We do have protocol for the proper time. There is something called age of consent. If this article was written by a guy he would have got crucified by now. How does this sound?
It is crazy that in the world of Thought Catalog, 13 Reasons Why will not even exist. There will be no rape law. Every girl Bryce goes after can kill herself because why even feel bad about suicide? It is all about "my body= my decision" mantra. But then again someone needs to find the person(s) who first came up with it. If anyone has information on the line please let us all know. Possible suspects:
  • Criminals interviewed by Kinsey.
  • Father of free love Wilhelm Reich who his psychiatrist daughter felt was sexually abused at very young age and yes, he too ended up in prison and died there.
  • Some follower of French Libertine tradition. For "entertainment" purpose watch 120 days of Sodome only "if you can".
The author has no definition for the word immoral either. In fact, it weakens the entire article if only she knew that sexual liberation is based on moral relativism. This means participants cannot mention "all women should". It is not important for them to follow her standards that require humans to take unnecessary risks, stay closed minded about sex and treat others like sex toys.
2. Learn what you like and don’t like. If you never experiment, you won’t know what pleases you sexually. Bottom line. 
Sex does not work the way she is describing it. Good luck if you are able to feel turned on by the same thing again and again. It is common sense that one does not have to be promiscuous to experiment. The most fascinating thing is that today you might get aroused by something you just despised 15 years ago.

According to the rationality of humans, how far you go with someone is a signal of how close and yet open you feel with them. Sexual experiments test the strength of friendship between two people. They must have enough reasons to trust each other since safety is a huge concern in the unseen realm they wish to visit. Now if you do it with a whole lot of people you are seen as too risky for investment. Later in life, you will be basically fighting way too many rejections.

 Lying will be your only option for getting a relationship, but if your partner finds out what you did watch out!
3. Become skilled in bed.
The more experience you get, the more you’ll learn about what arouses your partner and especially satisfies him. When you find the person you feel passionate about, you’ll have plenty of moves to whip out of your sexual arsenal.
There is no way to know what your partner will like by sleeping with multiple people. What arouses a person can only be known from his reaction and the kind of open communication you have with them. Becoming skilled does not seem to create success in the long run. Ask any prostitute. The only good thing is that they get paid when the time is still right! Still let's give the author a chance. Here is how her words look in the real world:

The second situation is added to show you why promiscuity is often incompatible with love and puts you in a position to get rejected again and again.
4. Gain confidence in your body.
We spend so much time analyzing our bodies in the mirror that we assume men will perceive us in the same manner. However, men won’t mind if you’re smaller on top than you’d like or if your thighs lack the desired gap between them. It’s imperative that you’re able to release your inhibitions naked in order to be comfortable and fully present in the moment.
This is a sign of low self esteem and clear proof that the author never had healthy relationships. It is not normal to seek validation for one’s body by sleeping with multiple men. Instead of taking this life threatening path to get high self esteem, you can always go to nude beaches.
5. It’s all for stories.
My funniest and most entertaining stories tend to involve sex. When you go out, you’ll meet an array of people with a range of personalities and interests. Nothing beats sitting around at 3AM with your girlfriends exchanging your best memories. You don’t want to look back when you’re married with kids and wish you lived it up more when you had the opportunity.
Such information can be used against you by your friends in the future. It happens all the time. But it is even dumber to trust random people you find in different places. If you are not truly going to see them again they have no reason to inform you of their std's reports. This is how they think. Here is one study from United Kingdom:

Her last line is quite telling. That's the main reason behind why people don't want anything serious with a promiscuous person.
6. You’re equally as entitled as men.
My mother used to tell me not to be offended if a guy didn’t want anything serious because men in their early twenties are in their prime; they’re having the time of their lives going out and are not looking to settle down. So essentially us women are expected to sit on the sidelines and wait as men have all of the fun? This doesn’t seem fair. Women are equally entitled to “play the field” and sleep with whomever they choose
No government program exists to make single men entitled to sleep around. The author still does not seem to confirm with what they are sleeping if women are all sitting at home.

The specific kind of men she is telling you to follow will most likely end up with empty bank account somewhere down the age of 40 or 60. It is common knowledge that women initiate divorce the most. It is also not a secret that men commit suicide the most because of that. In short, these are losers in the making who in their 20's high five each other for becoming someone's dildo for a night and disappear from each other's path once the night of divorce befalls.

The only winners are the richest "mostly" because they have gigantic bank account which outweighs their sexual past and stds.

This article is from 2014. However, the idea that you should follow these men has been around for quite a long time. It is about time that we condemn it. Why? Now we know that men who go for multiple casual partners are prone to committing sexual assaults.

Here are some of the celebrities who contracted stds:
Brad Pitt
Jessica Alba
Paris Hilton
David Hasselhoff
Greg Louganis
Robin Williams
Victoria Beckham
David Beckham
Britney Spears
Charlie Sheen
Pamela Anderson
Mariah Carey
Thomas Neuwirth

Rarely discussed healthcare info on safe sex:
If you have a raunchy past with no side effects consider yourself lucky. There is actually nothing called safe sex because

  • We don't even have proper technology to detect all stds. You can always end up with false reports.
  • Your doctor might not give you access to all the tests. 
  • Some tests are highly expensive. 
  • For men, HPV tests are not available.
  • Birth control pills don't work if not used properly.
  • Stds prefer women over men. It has to do with biology and gender specific sexual activities. 
  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea are spreading like wildfire. In fact, gonorrhea has learned to beat antibiotics.

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