Top 6 Ways to Reuse Facial Cleansing Wipes

These days, it is possible to recycle almost everything and this includes facial cleansing wipes. That is why, it is best to not throw them away after one use.  Yes, it is true that their labels always say that we need to dispose them off.

But they are clothes and not traditional tissue papers. Now the question is” how to really reuse them? You don’t need to go in deep thought to find answer to it. Just follow the ideas given below.

1. Use the wipe as a makeup mistake corrector
The wipe can be used to clean off eye shadow powder, mascara or eyeliner particles falling off here and there around eyes during application. This little cloth can also take care of lipstick mistakes.

2.Reuse the wipe as makeup remover
If cleaned correctly the wipe can be reused to remove makeup. But to make it possible, you have to first soak  it in cleanser or makeup remover.

3. Turn the wipe into a brush for facial mask application
A folded wipe can perfectly hold and apply facial mask paste on the face. That is why, it is possible to skip buying flat or fan brushes.

4. Remove your nail paint
Yes, it is possible to remove nail paint with wipes. In fact, one single facial cleansing wipe soaked in nail polish remover can completely remove paint from each nail and that is also very quickly. This is my newest discovery. In other words, the experiment was positive.

5. Clean your makeup kit with the wipe
You might think that a damaged wipe is of no use. Do not underestimate it. Just wash it in water and hang it somewhere to dry it off.  This little cloth even in torn form has no problem in removing dust from makeup kits.
6. Remove makeup residue from the sink
When you are applying makeup in the bathroom you will notice mineral or liquid foundation leaving residues in the sink. You can easily clean it off with your used wipe. Of course, after that you have to dispose it off.

- If you decide to reuse the wipe on your face make sure that you wash it using antibacterial soap. 
- If the damaged wipe has threads coming off from here and there it is best to not use it on the face.

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