Picture of Kitty Love in the Cage

Cats are beautiful creatures. Independent by nature, they express love and hate in their own unique ways. If you have never been a cat owner you will be able to see it on the street, at others' houses or through a visit to any pet stores where cats are available for adoption. That said, it can be painful to eyewitness their frustration in the cage. So the best time to visit them at a pet store is after 5pm when they take a journey to their dream world. In other words, that is the specific time when they fall asleep.

Just last Friday, this is what we sisters did. We were in search for some exotic fish at PetSmart. But on the way to their section, we stumbled upon the cats’ cages. Over there this is what we saw:

kitty hugging

Despite taking this picture, I was not sure how to react to their love. Their cage was too small. It did not have enough room, but was carrying something like five more cats. PetSmart, of course, gives them plenty of foods, water and even toys. At times, they even get to go on field trips. Yet I hope these cats got adopted by now. You must be wondering as to why I did not bring them home. Yes, in my childhood, I had many cats. But unfortunately, now I have pet allergies. Actually, that is why, we were looking for fish to put in the aquarium.

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