Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting mascara is designed to add volume and curl up the eyelashes for a bolder look. The liquid is made in a way so that once applied, it stays light. Meanwhile, the brush that comes inside its tube is said to be technologically advanced to give a 360 degree lift and curl to the lashes. Sumptuous is ophthalmologist-tested. Yet its tube label urges users to discontinue using it in case of allergic reaction in the eyes. That sounds fair, but does Sumptuous deliver all the features emphasized by Estee Lauder? Find out from this review. But before that, you must know that the Sumptuous mascara I have is regular and its color is black.


I was little scared to buy Sumptuous, for most Estee Lauder products actually give me allergic reactions. But I suppose I did a good job by not giving into the fear. As soon as I brought the mascara home, I cleaned off my makeup to test drive Sumptuous. It seemed to do what Estee Lauder promised. My first trial included no lash curler and makeup. With only 4 coats of the mascara, the brush truly curled my lashes. Moreover, they were not at all clumpy, but thicker, longer, separated and almost natural. Ten hours passed by. My face went through many twists and turns, but the lashes did not fail to stay curled. Surprisingly, there was not even a single mascara particle falling from them either.

Next two months, I incorporated Sumptuous in my makeup routine. This time I was able to see it’s another feature. It seemed that the mascara gave an unusually defined and classic look to my eye makeup. Note that this time the curler was in use.

As stated before, Estee Lauder assumes that the liquid is lightweight. But my tests (still on) so far are showing me that right after the application, the mascara remains slightly heavier in the lashes. But after a few hours, it goes to into its lightweight mode. Interestingly, Sumptuous actually is not giving me any allergic reactions in the eyes.

Although the brush is capable of giving curls to the lashes it should have been a little smaller. Its stretched length hinders comfortable application. Moreover, for some reason, it picks up a huge amount of liquid from the tube. Sometimes these two problems actually ended up ruining my makeup by creating mascara stains here and there over my eyelids and even nose. 

Before, I told you that the Sumptuous I have is regular. That should imply to you that it should come off easily. But this is usually not the case. This mascara is a bit too immune to cleanser and water. After I remove my makeup using those two tools, I feel Sumptuous still lurking in my lashes.  I will regard it as a minor problem though.


Despite the technical fault of the brush, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting mascara does what it is made for.  It seems to have the finest quality for which it curls and thickens lashes without any problem, and adds sheer classic look the eye makeup.  Its staying power cannot be ignored either. Without a doubt, it is easy to fall in love with Sumptuous. It is grand. It is great. That is why, it gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Note:After buying this mascara do save your receipt. The reason is that if you really end up with allergic reaction from it you will have to discontinue using it. Under such circumstances, it is best to just return the product to Estee Lauder and get your refund back.

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