The Versatile Blogger Award

It is always exciting to receive an award. Little did I know that my Girly Stuff would get me one. I am quite impressed to be known as the Versatile Blogger. Thanks a million to Tina for such a great honor. May your blog always keep touching the height of success.  My dearest readers do check out her Makeup and Art Freak. It is one of a kind blog containing great makeup tutorials.

As per the rule goes I have to share 7 things about myself. So here I go:
1. I am the 2nd of 3 sisters in the family.
2. I am a hardcore metal lover.  I have weakness towards Kamelot, In Flames, Serenity and Opeth.
3. My writing ability back in high school and university made me suffer. While my teachers pushed me a lot to participate in writing contests, my team members expected me to write and edit their portion of the paper. I tore my hairs many nights. I did not want people in school to have confidence in me.
4. I know 4 different languages, but my general speaking ability even in English is tremendously bad. I am just not an eloquent speaker.  Blame it on my heredity!
5. I have a fear of driving in the rain.
6. I have an unusual habit of cleaning everything I can. This made me destroy my previous laptop and phone. No, I do not suffer from OCD.
7. I am addicted to studying for which I regret graduating from university.

Now I give this Versatile Blogger award to 15 others. Below are my chosen ones.You guys are the true gems of the blogosphere. 
  1. Beauty Reflections
  2. Discovering Beauty
  3. Katie's Beauty Blog
  4. Skin Care and Beauty
  5. My Makeup Blog
  6. For the Love of Cooking
  7. A Taste of Home Cooking
  8. Angie's Recipes
  9. Animal Advice
  10. Bella Wilson Alternative Medicine Blog
  11. Lets Talk Jewelry
  12. Blue Sapphire Jewelry
  13. Freebies Land
The winners now need to follow the rules of this award. See them below:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Give the Versatile Blogger award to 15 other bloggers of your choice and let them know about it.

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