Guide to Moon in Cancer Man and Woman

1. General Character

Moon and the sign of Cancer share a profound connection with each other. Can you guess what it is? No? Cancer is ruled by the moon. Realistically, they are the best couple. That is why; people who have moon in Cancer can be considered as lucky emotionally. Having empathy for others comes easy to them.

But in whole, they work with feelings. To some extent, they are easy going and that is why, they are good at gaining popularity among friends. In spite of this, they are not the most outgoing types.

Do you remember Cancer is represented by the crab? This creature has hard shells. Because of this, moon in Cancer people sometimes takes time off from people. They like plenty of “me” time. They can also use the shell as a shield from getting others. You must know that they have a good amount of psychic ability and can read people from first glimpse. Now let’s take a look at the man and woman in separate sections.

2. Man of This Moon Sign

A man with moon in Cancer is always emotionally attached to his family. As a matter of fact, his highest priority is all those who live with him at home. But he always shares the closest bond with the women he has in his life. It does not matter if he is a grown up boy. He will still continue to be by his mother’s or sister’s side. But of course, once he gets married, his wife’s becomes his closest mate. Lunar Cancer man just has a need to feel responsible.

However, there is still one trait of him which will irritate many trying to get close to him. It is his unusual mood swing issue. Sometimes he is all sweet, friendly and talkative. Other times, he is completely emotionless and even hard to reach. Close friends and family members will also notice that he changes his viewpoints a lot. This gets a little too intense with his each growing year. Blame it all on the moon’s never ending motion. It has a strong influence on his mind.

The Cancer moon man’s love life is quite an interesting topic. It is full of twists and turns. In the beginning, when a beauty strikes him he might have no problem in chasing her down. His emotions, at this point, for her are quite strong. But why would a homely boy go after a woman? Because Cancer is a cardinal sign. It makes a person go after his goal independently without any fear. And with the moon, it becomes even more capable of speeding up the mind. But once the chase is over and she has given up, he will go back to being a homely boy again. If she turns out to be the independent and outgoing she will not like it. But if she is homely, emotionally needy and passive as he is she will have the best time of her life. In this case, the Cancer moon man will take care of her like a mother. He will also make a series of compromises to keep her happy.

The lunar Cancer man gets attached to his relationship very deeply in spite of having a few arguments with his lover about his mood swing issue. But as long as she stays with him, he will not have wandering eyes. In short, he will remain faithful.

On the flip side, women who like to initiate relationships will have a harder time with this man. He might simply take too much time to open up. The reason behind this is that there is a crab embellished with shell resting in his mind. It does not like anything too pushy. Moreover, his psychic ability makes him suspicious of strong women. It is still possible for him to be with one, but if she is the aggressive type he will often try to avoid her. He just does not want a confrontation to cause pain in his heart.

3. Woman of This Moon Sign

A woman with moon in Cancer is all about the home life also. There is always yes on her lips for her family. However, she is more energetic than her male counterpart when it comes to fulfilling responsibilities. Sure at times she is aloof, but this does not mean she will forget to driver her mom to store on time. She is also more attached to her friends and will sometimes make sacrifices to favor them. Unfortunately, in between, she often gets backstabbed by a few of them. The “yes” factor can be blamed here. Although she is psychic by nature, she simply does not know how to stop saying that word. The watery moon almost makes her a social worker. She feels with all her heart for her dearest ones.

This woman with moon in Cancer is full of love emotions. But she is not someone who would suddenly start dating. In fact, being in a relationship is something that comes to her mind after a certain period of her life, considering the fact that she is usually busy with her parents and other matters and also that she is a slow learner.

While still inexperienced with the dating topic, this woman gives into flirty men. Because of this, she usually has a few short lived relationships. They always teach her a few lessons on the way. She becomes more aware of how not everyone is as emotionally connected to love as she herself is. Thus, she uses her cardinal aspect to make herself stronger for the next relationship.

Lunar Cancer woman usually does not list what she specifically wants in a man. With each new experience, she changes her mind. So it is possible that she suddenly might decide that she does not want her next boyfriend to be like her ex. But realistically, she needs a man who will understand the depth of her feelings and will never try to take advantage of them. Can she be unfaithful? Yes, it is possible if she goes through depression because of a bad relationship.

4. Choose Another Moon Sign

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