Why Is Your Face Itchy: A Look at Reasons

Getting itches in different parts of the body is a natural thing. All humans get it. But having a constant itchy face is not the same. It basically signals that something is just not right about your situation.

You will definitely find comfort in scratching your face, but remember this action can lead to more negative things like too much neurodermatitis, a disorder that makes it a habit to keep scratching and thus changing the overall structure of the skin. Now there are several reasons why your face can experience itches. Some of them include:

1. Reaction to water attracting dust from the air: Some makeup artists and skin care gurus claim that it is best to let the washed face dry off its water naturally. In other words, they do not want us to use a towel. Unfortunately, water drops on the face attract dust particles that fly in the air. This, in turn, boosts facial itch. Just think about what happens after you wash your car. If you allow the water drops to stay over it they will dry off for sure, but will leave spots. If you carefully inspect them you will find dirt sitting all over them. On skin the water spots will not be visible. However, if you touch it you will find it sticky. That is the effect of the dried water.

2. Dry face: Dry face is home to itches. Certain seasons like summer and winter tend to boost dryness in the skin causing it to become itchier. But this is not all. There are many facial masks like clay, face wash, makeup removers and creams containing Vitamin C, and alcohol that can give similar effect. So check the ingredients you use to maintain your skin. You might need to replace with the ones most suitable for you. Additionally, if you wash your face too many times a day you can end up making it drier and the itch is the signal of that. It is best to treat such problem with a moisturizer designed especially for your skin type.

3. Reaction to love bites from the insects: Certain insects want to be too cuddly to human skin. They will not even leave your face. Unfortunately, their romantic action is one of the reasons why facial skin can have itch. There are some insects, however, that do not need to use their teeth and needles. One good example is moth. This little bug contains powder like poisonous micro scales. Human skin getting touched by them becomes itchy and after some hours develops rashes. So do try to find out whether the itch you are having is from a visit to a wood or garden. Only a proper antiseptic cream must be used to take care of the bitten area.

4. Reaction to unsuitable cosmetics: Perhaps, the blush or foundation you are using for the first time is not suitable for your skin. The itch is a hint of that. There can also be times when the cosmetics you are faithful to end up giving you similar reaction. Check for little bumps. If they are forming over your facial skin then take it as an indication that your skin is suffering badly. There is a possibility that your cosmetics have gone bad and your skin is telling you to throw them away.Another thing is that certain foundations melt and end up clogging the pores. This can also lead to itchy face.

Other causes that can make face itchyare unsuitable shampoos, hair dye, staying with sweat and dirt too long. Sometimes the environment itself can be the main problem. If the air in your area is too polluted your skin will react to it through itch.

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