How to Prove that You Are a Stupid Girl

Sometimes being stupid is not easy. It needs hard work and above all, actions that can effectively prove that you have really dedicated your brain to stupidity.  Sometimes, the ideas just run out.

Under such circumstances, the ones give below will come in handy.

1. Let everyone know that you are enrolling in MBA program to become a medical doctor. If someone says you are being a jerk and this degree has no connection with the medical field emphasize that they have no idea about education at all. Then just tell them that MBA stands for Masters of Biology and Anatomy.
2. If you are cooking dishes of another country’s for dinner decorate your kitchen with its flags and souvenirs. People living with you will think weird. To defend your position, tell them that you want to feel like you are cooking in that specific country.
3. Sit in a roof-less car with your umbrella on. Of course, do not do this in a running car. Otherwise, the win might take away your umbrella! Use it only when you are sitting in the car to wait for someone or something. Pedestrians will give you an odd look. When this happens just scream out to them, “I am no less than Marie Antoinette”.

4. Write a romantic poem or a letter to your sweetheart. Let him know in it that his eyes always take you back to your innocent childhood days because they are cartoon like.
5. Wear sunglasses at night. This time people might remind you that it is dark outside. Under such circumstances, let them know that you believe in style and not in sun and moon.
6. Explain to people that you do not buy V8 juice because it eats up resources just like a V8 car. Of course, it will not make any sense to them. So just tell them that just as V8 car eats up too much, gas V8 juice eats up too much veggie from the field.

There, you have six unique ideas that will surely prove to others that you are stupid. Unfortunately, they are so dangerous that they might even ruin your reputation. So it is better if you just do not follow them. The post is actually published for entertainment purpose.

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