Boyfriends and Girlfriends Must Lie That They Are Single

In some point in our lives, we fill out forms that ask us about our marital status. It allows them to maybe evaluate you against others for statistics report. It is also a way for them to know whether you are eligible for any kind of benefits. Whatever the reason is, sometimes the question on marital status can be taken as  offensive for those who are in a happy relationship or those that are engaged already, but do not live with their partners under the same roof.

Just see the screen shot given below. It is taken from a survey form. The point to note is that the question given below had nothing to do with eligibility for benefits. 
 Don't you think something is missing here? Let's cancel out the options: married, divorced, living together and widowed. We need to focus on the option, single. It is a term used for people who are not with anyone exclusively. But what is that one verb used to define someone having a relationship? It is "committed". This is what they have not given as one of the answer options.

Generally, it is not important to live with a signification other in order to show our commitment towards them. But some people creating forms and applications like to overlook that.  The result of this is that when declaring marital status in an application or form the committed ones become compelled to pick the option, "single". In other words, they are forced to lie about their relationship status.

Yes, it is understandable that the question regarding the marital status has a direct connection with the verification of whether we are married. Because of this, being divorced and widowed are given as its two other answer options. But don't you think having a committed relationship also has a connection with marriage? People generally use them to declare that at some point in their lives they are planning on marrying their significant others. So those who are making forms and applications must include "committed" as another option under marital status question. Otherwise, we have to conclude that they encourage people to lie.

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