Use Shaving Cream Instead of Shampoo

There was a time when shaving cream was made only for men. But now more and more brands are and designing and releasing it for women. The ingredients in it are less harsh, making them more soothing for women’s skin. Traditionally, we use this cream on legs and armpits. But the truth is that we can benefit from it in a different way also.

Often when shampoo runs out some of us feel that in emergency case, it can be replaced by soap. Sure this sounds like a good idea, but in reality, it is toxic.

Soap does not just dry out hair, but also leaves them in knots. The ultimate result is rather embarrassing. So next time when shampoo runs out try shaving cream.

As mentioned before, it is less harsh. But the best thing is that it tends do the hair cleaning job quite smoothly.

Dryness might still occur, but will not be too overpowering. That said we cannot totally replace shampoo with shaving cream. What is made for hair should go to hair and what is made for skin should go to skin. So try to get your shampoo as soon as you can.

Here is another interesting fact, men’ shaving cream especially Old Spice can keep bathroom mirrors defogged. To make it happen, all we need to do is apply a bit of it on them before shower.

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