Comment about President Obama on Facebook Ruins a Woman

Today, from Bing’s main homepage, I came to know that someone named Denis Helms from Sacramento made racist as well as threatening comment against president Obama on Facebook. The line she wrote had N-word followed by a suggestion that his term would end if he was assassinated.

Her ex boyfriend got the comment’s screenshot and posted it on twitter. This finally made the entire thing viral. Even secret service paid visit to her and after that she was fired from Cold Stone, her workplace. But here is the most interesting part, she still cannot figure out why her comment is taken so seriously. She finds the entire incident shocking.

When I lived in bay area I thought California was one of the most open minded places in the entire United States.  Sacramento County changed my viewpoint. People are nice here, but some do need crash course about the world.  But I will be frank about the fact that I haven’t quite got compatible with the region. The weather is too much for me.  My struggle got more intense a month ago, after I heard what two of my classmates had to say about our president and other issues political issues. Truly, they made me sleepless.

We were working on a public administration project. It needed us to brainstorm about various political factors. In between, we got into discussion about the election and wars. One of the ladies used to be liberal, but according to her, the deficit made her change party. The other one probably was a pure conservative. As for me, I used to be liberal, but the economic crisis made me neutral.  That’s the same reason why I did not vote this time. One common thing among three of us was college degree. We all finished our four year school.  Our discussion got us to predict who would be our next president and that’s when the two actually crossed the line in public. We were at Starbucks. There were other people sitting behind us.  The conservative showed her detest towards President Obama quite aggressively. For a moment, I thought she was unhappy with the way things were going just like me. But I was proved wrong when she said that she would leave America if President Obama was reelected. The swinger lady agreed with her statement. But I simply replied that it would be too much of a drastic action. Then she went on saying that she would not be happy to see a Mormon in the office, but President Obama was a “secret Muslim” and that made him worse.  This totally shook me. I couldn’t believe that someone in California would say such stuff. But then the swinger lady went on criticizing the wars. According to her, today’s America needs to take lesson on how to fight a war from the World War II generation.  When she was asked to elaborate on this she said that America should simply nuke Middle East. This would totally stop the war on terrorism. After hearing these ladies’, I had strong feeling that I needed some water to sprinkle inside my throat! This was actually my first encounter with radical viewpoints outside. Before, I read such comments under Yahoo news articles.  I never thought people seriously felt what they wrote. After the meeting, I wanted to simply run away from the entire Sacramento County. Nuke an entire region just because in the past Atom bomb stopped the American Japanese war? Didn't they ever learn in school about the never ending negative effects of radioactive products?

Those ladies were not feeling sorry about their words. So why should we expect Denis Helms to feel sorry about her own comment? Probably, people she mingles with are of similar viewpoint and that’s why she sees her comment as too trivial. But yes, I still have a need to ask my conservative classmate whether she will be moving to another country. After all, President Obama has got reelected. As I said before, I am no more a liberal. Yet I am happy that he is back in office. At first, I was neutral towards Romney thinking that probably his sharp business mind could reduce the deficit. But when he said that the number 200,000 was less than 100,000 and also that Syria was situated next to Iran I understood that he would have made a president worse that Bush Junior. 

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