How Planets Influence A Personality in Astrological Way

Last couple of years we concentrated on Moon and Mercury signs. Some readers mistook the description of the moon as sun. This happens when we do not have much understanding of how each planet works in our lives.

I must admit that I did not truly go into core meaning of the moon under every sign. Now that I have some time I would like to give you some basic astrological ideas about the planets, star and satellite. Their arrangement in the sky at the time of our birth shapes different parts of our personality. Do note that the sun and moon are hypothetically seen as planets in astrology. That is why, they have been included here.

Additionally, each planet is accompanied by its astrological symbol. If you take time to memorize them you will have less trouble understanding the natal chart drawings.

Sun represents a person in broader sense while illuminating his basic persona. In clearest possible way, it makes him say “this is me and my overall self”. Sun signs are based on months. This is the main reason why commercially astrologers prefer doing predictions based on this. However, not everyone displays the influence of just one sign. Some are born in the middle of two months sitting next to each other. In this situation, they are said to be born in the cusp and will always display the shadows of the two neighboring signs.

Staying only 2.5 days in each sign, moon deals with feelings and mind. It works with past and reflections to create emotions such as love, hate, depression, apathy and so on. It is the inner self which controls how a person goes about minding his job every day. Moon sign displays its characteristics best at home where we spend most of our time reflecting and being more open about who we are emotionally. Hence, for two people to live under the same roof peacefully, it is very important for them to have compatible moon signs. 

When a person thinks and talks, he uses his Mercury sign. By influencing the route of our mentality, this planet decides the style for all the words that we use in our mind and outside. It interprets within our mind the things that another person is telling us. Additionally, it helps us generate ideas and learn. If you want to know which learning style is best for you always look into your Mercury sign. Two others that must be taken into account are Jupiter and Midheaven. All three can give you some good ideas about the professions most suitable for you.

Venus influences what blows the mind, what we find most comfortable and with whom we love to be with. It revolves around values and attraction factors. Thus Venus is known as the planet of love and relationships. By using its characteristics, one can find out his rules about love and the type of mate he should be with.

We turn our emotions, wants and decisions into actions and this is where Mars plays an important role. It decides the actions we take to fulfill our mission. Being the driver of physical aspects, Mars shades light on how we approach our love interest and what we like in our sex lives.

Are you street-smart or homely? How do you view the world? How do you lead your everyday life? These are some of the questions that Jupiter answers. It is the planet of journey and wisdom in both physical and spiritual sense. It affects how an individual deals with everyday challenges to survive in this harsh world. Lessons learned from it turn into his philosophy about life which he then uses to unlock the path he has to take ahead. This is the reason why Jupiter is associated with factors of luck and success.

Life cannot be led without bigger challenges and this is where Saturn does its work. Known as the teacher in astrology, in a natal chart, Saturn displays limitations and difficulties. In return, it demands reconsideration and reconstruction. Responding to them allow us to grow wiser and more careful in the future.

This is the planet of science, discovery, invention and progress. In a natal chart, it shows what the native does to remove the hurdles from his way. It answers what approach he uses to find the solutions and how he goes about fighting for what he believes in. In astrology, it is often said that Uranus is the opposite of Saturn. As we saw earlier, Saturn is all about challenges. Uranus, on the other hand, comes up with action plans to remove them.

Spends 14 years in a row in each sign, Neptune tends to influence an entire generation. It is the planet of escapism, imaginations and compassion. Through our behavior, it illuminates the inspiration we take in. This can be both good and bad. It all depends on how we imagine and act on the inspiration. Hence, sometimes Neptune is blamed for deceit and illusions.

Just like Neptune, this dwarf planet influences an entire generation by staying in each sign for almost 15 years. Yet it has little to do with major aspects of one’s personality. Being the lord of uncontrollable destruction and transformations, it affects mainly the house where it is found. By looking into it, we can find out which area of the native’s life will have the most upheavals.

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