6 Great Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles

It is wrong to think that Valentine’s Day is booked only for couples. Legends surrounding the holiday made it appear this way. But tradition can be broken. In fact, if we look closely at this holiday we will find that it is mainly about celebrating love. This is the ultimate truth that no one can refute. Hence, singles should feel free to cherish the day by doing something fun and special. Here are some great tried-and-true ideas to make it happen.

1. Plan a party with friends:  This can be easily turned into a new ritual for all your single friends. Plan it all in advance. Keep the dress theme of the party as Valentine’s Day so that you all can dress up in red and pink. To make it more fun, go to shop for the dresses with your friends.

2. Give presents to your friends: If you do not want to party, this can be your best option. The experience of picking gifts can be exciting for people of all ages. Bottom-line here is to make your friends happy which obviously will bring joy to your life too. Go for simple Valentine’s Day themed gifts. Even chocolates can put a smile on a face. This sounds high schoolish, but as mentioned earlier, it is not important to follow the tradition.

3. Help your parents arrange a romantic date: Good karma is gained from doing good deeds. Instead of thinking about loneliness, get to work for your parents. Help them choose gifts for each other. Arrange a romantic date for them to make their Valentine’s Day memorable. This will not only create more warmth in your family, but will also one day get you a great partner. 

4. Attend an event made only for Singles: Most cities in America have a number of annual Valentine’s Day events arranged only for singles. When you go to search for them online the titles will give you the hint. For instance, Californian city San Jose will have an event this 14th called Valentine’s Day Single Dance. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, there will be a speed dating event on the same day for the singles. Go to Eventbrite site to check what is happening in your area.
5. Fill up your closet with stuff you like: In the name of gift, more and more retail stores willingly now slash prices on clothes, jewelry and shoes during the week of Valentine’s Day. If you love all such items then go to mall and take advantage of it. The sale usually ends on February 14th.

6. Participate in philanthropic work: If you do not have friends or family, does some charity work for the less fortunate. This is also a way to spread love and peace. Most nonprofit organizations have an event set for Valentine’s Day. You can look for one by using Volunteer Match site. You can also make cookies, chocolates and cupcakes to sell them on that day and donate the money to a charity organization of your choice.

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