Feminism is Outdated, Irrational, Messy and Untrustworthy

Feminists are having trouble understanding why people are taking a stand against feminism. It is making them awkwardly numb as well as aggressive. The final blow came right from Women against Feminism. With trauma crippling their heads, feminists are trying all they can to fight against them. Will they succeed? Probably a little bit. But time has truly changed. In all areas of education, progress is apparent and if we use just a few elements from them to analyze feminism we will have to agree that its backbones are outdated, irrational, messy and untrustworthy.

1. Pros and Cons Are not Taken into Consideration:
Modern day is driven by systems thinking which takes into account domino effect. But the agenda of feminists agenda is driven by temporary pleasure which often leads to self destruction for anyone following it. This comes from their inability to get out of the trap of hyperreality, a mix between fantasy and realism. Just think about their version of sexual liberation. They go around telling that women should not use brain when it comes to sleeping with someone, but what about STDs, STIs and accidental pregnancy? Feminists are overly short sighted. I say every woman who listened to them and got her life destroyed should sue them for compensation.

2. Feminism is Division in the Society of Egalitarianism
We are transitioning to egalitarianism. Profound psychological change is taking over our minds. Today's women consider themselves humans first and then people of a different gender. They feel the same way about men. In their eyes, all humans have feelings and right to be treated fairly. This cannot be achieved from division that feminism clings to. For a normal egalitarian, the division is bizarre and annoying. Believe it or not, according to a survey carried out by Time, people actually want to ban the word "feminism".

3. Too Immature and Fascist for a Democratic Society
Feminism equals to fascism and childishness whereas we humans prefer democracy and sanity. People who are sure of themselves and abide by truth are never scared of opponents. Same is not true for feminists. They just can't take criticisms and alternative perspectives. If you open the link given above, the first thing you will see is the Time editor's apology note. It was published because feminists were whining about how it was incorrect for the magazine to even include the word "feminist" in the poll. Similarly, like a bunch of hyenas, they are after Women Against Feminism. That truly screams fascism and childishness.

There is a lot of similarity between nationalism and feminism. Nationalism is the reason why we achieved freedom from British Imperialism. But now this movement reminds us of fascism. Why? Because dictators tend to promote nationalism in nightmarish way. In a peaceful society, therefore, nationalism equals to extremism. Feminism has taken that same route. It once gave women freedom. Now that its reasons to stay alive have run out, feminists force people to believe it is needed by hook or by crook.

4. Promotes Dangerous Inequality
 In our western world, it truly feels odd to hear that all men are out to oppress women. At the end of the day, devilry sees no gender. But feminists believe all women are innocent. When given too much power they discriminate against men.
5. Teaching Women to Not Respect Themselves
Being free does not mean we should forget about taking precautions. Feminists reject this idea, proving how irrational they are. Jessica Valenti admits that women should not respect themselves.

6. No Interest in Solution
They have no true intention to go to root of the problems. At this time, they consider rapists to be innocent six year olds who can be disciplined with just "don't do it". In their eyes, rape is a simple mistake. But are they fooling us? Fraternities are hub of rapists. Feminist blogs do record their crimes. But instead of taking action against them, they are blaming the average Joe on the street of being rapist.

They also fear Pentagon. Most of the time, it is left alone. Suicide among new veterans is rampant. In the past, the reasons were said to be psychological issues and unemployment. Obviously, if the entire nation learn about it, we won't have too many soldiers left to fight in wars. Hence, a propaganda was introduced to hide those reasons. The video below shows that there is only one reason that forces a veteran to commit suicide and it is none other than pressure from his wife. Check its comment sections. You will see how people are blaming women for the suicides. No feminist is speaking against it. The funny thing is that indirectly it blames the feminist policies that allow some women to misuse the judicial system.

7. Rejects Individualism
Not all women have the same likes and dislikes. Some of us love to wear makeup and cook. But then there are also those who love surfing and rock climbing. We are multidimensional humans. Feminism is too conservative to understand it.

8. Provides Mixed Messages
One reason why people don't criticize the first wave feminism is because their ideology was heavily focused on one thing. Today's feminism is distorted. What feminists don't get is that they are extremely divided, yet united and that leaves people confused.
It is funny that they go around telling Women Against Feminism to learn the meaning of feminism without realizing that it will severely turn them  into a laughing stock. Feminism actually has no concrete definition. It is like a folder that holds mixed theories on how women should be. Yes it is true! Take a look at the number of groups exist within feminism.

  • Liberal: It says women must be able to make choice for themselves, but its focus in on institutions.
  • Individualist: Now what on earth is this? It sounds like the first one. But no, it is actually about telling women to take their decisions without caring about what the government says. Sometimes it is taken as libertarian feminism, but again, feminists think it is debatable.
  • Radical: It is the bomb made with half a cup of violence and one hundred cups of curse words. Naked feminist rebels are optional. Radical feminism doesn't discriminate against theories. Its main aim is to force people to agree with feminists. Latest myth is that it does not exist. By the way, its subdomains are anarchist and feminazism.
  • Marxist: Not different from radical feminism, in this one, capitalism is responsible for the oppression of women and hence must be eliminated.

Other types of feminism are eco, cultural, lipstick, essentialist, pop, erotic, separatist, third world, fourth world, postmodern, modern, postcolonial and the list goes on! Yet let me tell you there is another type with the title equality. Feminists don't always mention which type they uphold when they speak about women's rights. In the end, it sounds like they want women to accept both equality and inequality. But this is the age of all that are to the point, methodical, compact and convenient. We don't have time to look for truth from confusion.

9. Dishonesty is Rampant:
Feminists have been caught using fake statistics multiple times. But this is not all. Even in their books, errors are as common as getting up in the morning to have a cup of coffee. The Chronicle of Higher Education explains that this problem is hard to solve because feminist scholars cry personal attack every time someone questions their work. Surprisingly, one of these creatures from Harvard dared to ask for abolishment of academic freedom as a way to remain immune from doubters. This means studies done by feminists must not be taken as valid sources of information for academic writings and discussions.

10. Similar to Terrorism:
Today's feminism is very much like terrorism. Both find peace and wellbeing of the society nauseating. The average feminist thinks like a terrorist. The video below has the evidence. There is another one about radical feminists. That one is too graphic for this site.
There is still one difference between terrorism and feminism. The latter is more lethal. Think about what terrorists do. They kill a bunch of people in one go. But feminism gives slower torturous death to all in the family including those who will be born somewhere in the future. If you don't believe it take a look at the information taken from World Impact.
You are not going to find feminists responding to this crisis. Why should they? After all, it is will disturb their propaganda of equality. 

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