Women Against Feminism Attacked By Insecure Feminists

2 years ago a new group with the name of Women Against Feminism (WAF) was born out of twitter hashtag. Now it is a full blown movement that has its own Wikipedia, Tumbler and Facebook. Just as the title suggests, the female admins are highlighting why feminism is not needed anymore. Surprisingly, they don't need to do much hard work to convince anyone about it. They receive the reasons in the form of pictures from almost all over the world and their Facebook fan page is growing everyday. Currently, it has over 27,000 likes. In the past, they were met with threats. Now famous feminists are after them with support from Daily Beast, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and so forth.

They Say the Same Things Again and Again

But here is the funny thing, the retaliation consists of lengthy articles which sadly fall flat because they say the same old boring stuffs used in debates by almost every feminist in the world. Here are the top 10 examples they use for refutation:
1. You don't know what feminism is.
2. Because of feminism, today you can vote and work without getting discriminated.
3. You hate females.
4. You probably never experienced discrimination and harassment.
5. We need feminism because women in other countries are oppressed.
6. You don't love yourself.
7. You are brainwashed by patriarchy.
8. Did you know women still can't walk alone at night? (as if men can)
9. Name calling with no solid support (character assassination: dumb, ignorant, idiot, etc)
10. It is wonderful how you are against feminism (sarcasm)

Now we will review some articles written by feminists against WAF. You will start seeing the pattern of those 10 examples right in them.

Article 1

This first one comes from Los Angeles Times. This article is written by Robin Abcarian. The title is a symbol of ad hominem (name calling & verbal abuse) aimed as shame weapon to shoot the supporters of WAF. That is our example number 9. The article is accompanied by a picture. Here is its caption:
"Women Against Feminism," who take their legal rights for granted, would do well to remember there was a time in this country when women were not allowed to vote. Here, a suffrage headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1912.
Children, that is our example number 2. What she means here is that because first wave of feminism gained women basic rights, we should not question the credibility of today's feminists. It is same as saying he is born a male and therefore, he should have the right to do whatever he wants. Robin Abcarian then says:
Maybe it’s a stretch, but it strikes me that these stories are fundamentally about similar things -- the way women are treated and how women’s power over their own lives is often subverted in the service of forces (capitalism, patriarchy) that have little interest in their true independence. 
Blaming patriarchy fulfills our example number 7. But isn't she showing hypocrisy? She supports cheerleading which apparently treats women like sex objects. She shows this later in the article when she urges supporters of WAF to look into certain things feminism brought for women. Here it is: NFL cheerleaders should earn minimum wage.

WAF pages have plenty of memes on why women do not require feminism, but Abcarian cleverly lists in her article the ones that are difficult to understand. The reason is simple. They give her the power to mock the supporters and at the same time prove that they do not know what feminism actually means.
It would be too easy to demolish the warped logic of these claims. But let’s assume that women who post on the site are sincere, and have been turned off by what they imagine feminism to be, rather than what it actually is. I say that because their comments spring from assumptions that are blatantly ahistorical or just laughably incorrect.
Do you see how she is using our example number 1? This is all you get from feminists who have actually run out of reasons to refute their opponents.

Article 2

Next we have Emily Shire's article from Daily Beast. As you can see, she has our example number 1 in the title.
Below we have the first paragraph from her article. Its last sentence fulfills our example number 5. 
It’s never a dull week for feminists, and now Women Against Feminism is the most recent ire du jour. The Tumblr photo collection of women holding signs explaining why they “don’t need feminism” is more annoying than frightening. We’ve got bigger fish to fry, like securing equal pay and ensuring women across the world can attend school without being kidnapped.
She has 8 pages of articles. None talked about equal pay and safety of school girls in other parts of the world. It looks she has not even moved to any Asian or African country to save the girls from kidnappers. Last October, she was writing to defend sexy Halloween costumes. For this specific article, just like majority of the feminists, she cherry picks only the ambiguous posts from WAF supporters to ridicule the movement, fulfilling our example number 9. She states:
Women Against Feminism is easy—too easy—to lambaste. Many of the reasons these women claim for not needing feminism are embarrassingly bad. One post that has made the rounds is “I don’t need feminism because I love masculine men like Christian Grey :-P.” Oy.

Feminists, read it and weep (emphasis on “weep”). It’s not the fact that there is criticism against feminism, but that the criticism is so inane, unintelligent, and useless. Aside from those who mistakenly think feminists want to kill Christian Grey (We don’t! We promise we love mommy porn!), many of the women who posted on the Tumblr accuse feminism of being things that it is not.
Masculine as in? Is the supporter trying to say that she is attracted to Christian Grey's unusual devotion to Ana? Whatever the meaning is, she seems to be more leaned towards the romantic side of the character, for she does not certainly denote him to be sexy. Shire still looks for a twisted meaning in the reason. She will not kill Christian Grey apparently because she likes mommy porn and perhaps even enjoys reading about how an older woman exploits a helpless 15 year old male. I smell  pedophelia. Below see the example number 1 in action again:
For example, one woman posted “I don’t need ‘feminism’ because I believe that men and women are EQUAL, not that women should belittle men.” Those posts hurt a bit more because they reveal how deeply misinterpreted feminism is.
Sure it hurts that the poster is not surrendering to circular reasoning which goes something like "all actions of feminism are about equality because the definition of feminism found in the textbook says so". Shire ends her article by urging feminists to stop ridiculing WAF and educate people about feminism. That is hypocrisy at best! She spent 380 words in her article doing what goes against her own recommendation. But again, in today's feminism, hypocrisy is an essential factor.

Article 3

Now let me introduce you to Jessica Valenti. She is considered as one of the most influential figures of third wave feminism. She has mastered the art of helping women realize that they are surrounded by mentrimists. 

The comment you are seeing underneath the title of Jessica Valenti's article will be explained shortly. First, let's read what she says:
An old canard about feminists is that, in addition to being hirsute bra-burners, we want to turn all women into “victims” – and thanks to “Women Against Feminism”, this particular accusation has gained some moderately mainstream traction in recent weeks.But feminism doesn’t make women victims. Sexism does.
This is pretty mindboggling. Feminists say women are oppressed. Doesn't that mean we are victims? What does the word oppressed tell you? And if sexism makes women victim then calling someone feminist is like saying that she is sexist to men and that disturbs the formula of equality.From egalitarian point of view,  that is how it looks. The word feminine is related to females. It can't be changed by women studies textbook definition.
That inconvenient truth hasn't stopped conservatives and anti-feminists from using this supposed victimization to bash a movement that won women the rights to vote, have credit cards, not be legally raped by their husbands, use birth control and generally be considered people instead of property, among other things.
There goes example number 2! Hypocrisy is spotted again. Feminism is supposed to be about independence. But these women remain dependent on accolades of first and second waves of feminism to prove their supremacy.
Admittedly, to those unfamiliar with stereotypes of the women’s movement, the #WomenAgainstFeminism meme may look more like a parody than anything of serious concern. Many of its participants show a baffling level of ignorance about what feminism actually is – signs reading “I don’t need feminism because my boyfriend treats me right” or “I like men looking at me” are cringe-inducing, for instance. And I’m skeptical of how many new “women’s” Twitter accounts suddenly popped up in the days surrounding the meme’s creation.
What you read above fulfills examples 1 and 9. It is hilarious that she feels cringed when she learns that not all men are trying to treat women badly. Now we need to break down a paragraph from the article because each thing she says in it needs separate comments.
But denying that women are a victimized class is simply wrong. What else would you call a segment of the population who are systematically discriminated against in school, work and politics?
Feminists in the West had lots of time to solve this problem. But I suppose going in circle about how copying malewhores is the way to empowerment is far easier.
How would you describe a population whose bodies are objectified to the point of dehumanization?
Valenti herself does it too with the sole purpose of attracting people to her work. In the past, she didn't shy away from saying so. In fact,  the logo of her Feministing site is a silhouette of a big breasted woman.

Women are harassed, attacked and sexually assaulted with alarming regularity in America and around the world, and now even more of them live in states where, if pregnant, they can be refused medical attention or arrested for refusing C-sections.
If women are continuously displayed as people of another gender  instead of the fact that they are humans just like every other person on this planet, the attack and sexual assault will never come to an end. Sure they are biologically different from men, but should that be their only badge of recognition?

Just like Fox news, Valenti keeps away from giving explanation about threats she presents in her articles. Even in this one she does the same. That is why, it is difficult to understand what she trys to mean with that pregnant woman not getting medical attention. A private hospital can reject patients only if there is no emergency. I would still advise people to avoid all of private hospitals, for they are notorious for generating fraudulent bills. As for C section, it is a highly sensitive topic. It is more about a parent's rights than a woman's. Unfortunately, feminists treat it like a trivial matter. They believe all women should have the right to reject C section. But what if not every woman is wise enough to know that the rejection will be fruitful? In unfamiliar situations like this, she needs the help of experts who know more about pregnancy. Currently, International Cesarean Awareness Network is working to lower cesarean rate. Its officials do not consider themselves to be feminists. And let me tell you that no matter how greedy a doctor is, the prey to him is a "person" and not someone with the badge of breasts.

Surgery is highly profitable. Some hospitals have actually taken it too far. We saved our dad from one. The team of doctors and surgeon kept forcing him to get a specific surgery despite  knowing that it had 88 percent chance of killing him. My dad fell for their marketing gimmick and almost said yes. But we were warned about this surgery earlier by the doctors who had his file on his stroke attack. That was in another hospital. Keeping this in mind, we headed for second opinion. We made sure to not tell the new doctor of what the previous hospital told us. We got dad checked and when the report came our suspicion turned out to be correct. Big no was then presented to the team of doctors and surgeon. They were trying to lure a highly educated person. He is a walking physics book with a degree in electrical engineering. They knew about it, but did they care? We later found out that the hospital tried to do the same with other patients. Lesson to take from this is that  anyone can be prey of unwanted surgery. Gender is irrelevant here. Anyways, let's now get back Valenti's article. She continues:
But because we live in a culture that values independence and strength and negates the agency of victims – wrongly conflating victimhood with weakness instead of directing our opprobrium at those who victimize – the label will automatically have detractors.
 Sure victims are needed indeed! Otherwise, feminism will not last.
But when women refuse to admit to ourselves that we’re systematically victimized, we give fuel to those on the political right who claim – despite all evidence to the contrary – that women are doing just fine.
True that not all women are doing fine. She needs to google "boyfriend left me pregnant" to taste the flavor of feminists' pride, the sexual liberation. But I bet she won't do it.  So I am posting here the screenshot of the results.
This is simply a sample. Going to page 2 and 3 shows no change. Don't you think now feminism helped women become more victimized? Child-rearing  is not a piece of cake. That is why, 4.1 million single moms today are living in poverty. 
If we’re unwilling to accept women’s factual status as victims in society, it makes it that much harder for society to accept those who hurt women as victimizers.
Freedom comes with responsibility and if a woman uses her brain she will not be victimized. That is what WAF supporters stand by. But feminism wants women to get drunk in parties with the delusion that no man will ever take advantage of them. I wonder what they have to say about drunk driving. In case of accident, do we blame the car of being the dead woman's accidentalist? It looks like Valenti has no problem with this. Have a look:

Comic Irony

Every time feminists bully WAF, irony falls like dead leaves. These are the same people who go around telling men to respect women. These are the same people who say that they want to give rights to women. These are the same people who think not letting a woman speak for herself is oppression.

Now these same people are out to oppress and ridicule the women who are confident enough to say that they no more require feminism in their lives. Is there something wrong with feminists?

My Experience with Feminists

In the past, I was highly respectful of feminism because I did not know what it was. My sister and cousin were feminists. I did not like what they presented. Yet I repressed the frustration to respect feminism. Things changed after I interacted with feminists outside. Note that I still salute the first feminists who fought to give  rights to not only women, but also African Americans. But now, it is purely hijacked and biased.

Most of the feminists are thinking that it is something new that mass number of women are going against feminism. No, that is not true. Jokes about feminism are quite common among girls. In the past, they were just scared to be open about it. I remember my first day in women's studies class. My female classmates were sarcastically asking why we did not have men's studies in our university. The class certainly made us respectful towards the first wave of feminism. But at the same time, we learned that for a good grade brain use was to be banned. For this reason, we could not take feminism seriously. I got an easy A just by pretending to be a male hater. It was nauseating to death. My parents didn't teach me to be racist and sexist. But my feminist professor was newly divorced. Male bashing was always a part of the lecture and we were expected to the same in our homework.

 In my last three quarters, I almost ran out of major classes. I wanted to be full time student. The only open door turned out to be women studies. I enrolled in three more. They promised easy A's too as long as I presented myself as a bot. Just like before, the professors did not want us to question promiscuity and continues abortions. This is how it was. One new thing I learned was that we were to tell that majority of the African American women had Aids and not the white women. What happened was that we had a final paper in women's health class. We were given the freedom to choose any disease to write on. I picked AIDs. When researching I found out that in Texas at the time white women carried AIDS more than the African Americans. I added it to my paper along with citation. After my professor returned my paper, I could not stop scratching my head. Thank God, I received 90 percent. But the comment she left on the back of the paper was weird. She mentioned that it was wrong for me to say that white women carried more AIDs than African women in Texas and that she rejected the source I used for it. I thought for a while about it. The link was taken out of the school database. It was from a journal article. Why was it not acceptable? I came to class with the notion that feminists viewed all women as equal. They did not care about skin color. Probably not all feminists are like that, but in a Californian academic environment, I did not expect to find such upfront racism.

My sister went to same school and she came out brainwashed from women's studies classes. Suddenly, me with makeup on turned out to be the most annoying thing for her. She hated the fact that I was buying creams and lotions . She bullied me saying I was trying to beautify myself for men. But at the same time, she wasted several days in clinics of dermatologists trying to figure out how to remove her acne marks. She spent probably more than $500 on creams. Her acne wasn't that bad. We both have sensitive skin. Her love for makeup was also quite in the air. She went to Macy's with mom to get lipsticks and eyeshadows. Her closets were still getting filled up with colorful clothes. She was against the idea of repeating the same skirt and top. For some reason, I was the only one to avoid doing the same. I noticed the double standard and soon confronted her. It did not go well. She almost came to beat me. Now she is no more a feminist. She came to sense after researching more about feminism. Even day before yesterday, she was telling me how it ruined many women's lives.

As for my feminist cousin, she too was confronted by us for her double standard. She used to go around forcing my mom and her sisters to not use makeup. She also thought stylish haircut violated rules of feminism. In her eyes, it was all done to impress men. Finally, her mom ended up letting the cat out of the bag. She revealed that this feminist cousin spent over thousands of dollars in getting herself makeover for a friend's wedding. The photos she showed us proved it to be correct. Confrontation with her got violent. She kept yelling at us saying that she did not do any of it to impress men. It was just a feel good thing. She ended the confrontation with character assassination. As usual, we were regarded as mouthpieces of patriarchal society and yes, ignorant species.

Some months ago, I had confrontation with another feminist when I told her that for equality between men and women, we needed egalitarianism. I first received that same old  "you don't know what feminism is". I asked her what feminists were doing for single moms living below poverty line with immense number of criminal children. I did not receive any answer to it. Instead she went on assassinating my character and then giving me the history of what feminism did for the society. Her anger got more intense when other girls came to support me.

But this is not the only reason why I am against feminism. In the past, I wrote about how it has turned women into objects. Now I am in masters. I research a lot more than before. Sometimes I look into feminism. What I find out tells me that it is about time that this movement is either reformed or ended completely. Don't forget to read: Feminism now is outdated, irrational, messy and untrustworthy.

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