Mercury in Virgo Analysis

What is common between Virgo and Mercury? Mercury rules Virgo, making the carriers charming in their conversation, but please, don't assume them to be liberal flirts. Their communication style is so refined that anyone would mistake them for European royals.

With all frankness, Mercury in Virgo requires no assistance from blue blood and multiple grooming tutorials. Hidden fait accompli is that it is programmed to be of superior nature. Let’s just call them the Representatives of Sublime Dialect.

Being an earth sign, Virgo is conservative. Precisely this is what works within the Mercury. These people tend to watch their words and accent. They have no time for conversations where everything must begin from the scratch and the mid level is made messy with off topic lines. They prefer to be up front and to the point. As a result, to some, they appear closed off.

Perfection is their religion and pleasing it is their aim in this lifetime. It shines in their intellect and work. Details can never get out of these people’s pouch.

The eyes of their mind are like magnifying glasses ready to investigate for a missing piece the size of an ant. In the same way, physically, the natives work extra hard in whatever endeavor they believe will supply them with immense value. Thanks to the home ground Mercury, these people do not run after benchmark. They actually create it themselves, becoming the symbol of valor in their chosen fields. But conditions still apply.

Virgo is well known for its love affair with cleanliness. Attached to Mercury, such factor gets converted into outlook. A cluttered career is frowned upon and topsy-turvy commands are shown the exit door. Because of this reason, the natives may suffocate around disorderly bosses, workers and mates. If they are the bosses, workers have no choice but to get exorcised by the sign’s most potent lethal chant called appraisal.

Sadly, achieving the blessings of perfection is still a never ending arduous chore. Being members of the worrywart club, whenever the natives stumble upon imperfection in themselves, they surrender to wrath of almighty psychological anguish. But they are tremendously good at concealing it from strangers. In public, they are proper and assured. They hardly make a scene.

Is there anything that makes the men different from the women? The answer is yes. Male Mercury Virgos are more able than the counterparts in practicing mutability. They are so diplomatic and pleasantly simple that they can make a great career in politics. When it comes to romance they are swayed by ladies who are highly feminine in their communication. Mainly the submissive talkers gain the most attention. The female Mercury Virgos, on the other hand, are secretively stubborn. They do not readily succumb to oppositions. They tend to prove their point through actions. They are attracted to men who sound classy in their conversation. How old they are is not always important.

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