Mercury in Aquarius Analysis

This is the soldier type. Fighting and influencing the world to move towards what is good is a trait that is deeply embedded within Mercury in Aquarius. But there is more to this than meets the eye.

The soldiers are armed with gun that can leave many conservatives shot dead. The revolutionary heroes do not fear standing up against the norm sometimes just out of thirst to let their views out. They are not much into emotions, preferring to side with things that can be explained in most rational sense.

Their mind has an urgency to stick to ethics. They are sensitive to what is right and wrong even in their personal lives. Although, to outsiders, this may seem like an excellent trait, family members and friends sometimes experience irritation from it.

One of the many reasons behind this is these Aquarian Mercury people have a need to remain neutral in family feud if both parties arguing are at fault. They simply cannot be moved by emotional blackmail. Second most controversial reason is that these people tend to respect everyone’s personal right, for they are big believers of individualism. To others, unfortunately, this is read as freedom to whatever they want. And when the wrong outperforms the right, the hurt Aquarian Mercury carriers feel a need to show it through the lecture. Misunderstanding then occurs with the emphasis that they are trying to control lives of their loved ones.

In friend circle, however, they are treasured for their unusual tidbits on the world. Thanks to their ability to detach themselves from their surroundings, in their minds, each thing they come across gets programmed to be thought provoking.

Aquarius Mercury

Be aware when it is embroidered into words. Possible side effects include stomach ache and teary eyes from laughter. These people know how to entertain. Their door is always open for all friends. There is nothing to hide. Their lifestyle is an open book. They never pretend to be what they are not. In their opinion, those who have problem with this should go elsewhere. They love to talk about the unknown as well as everything under the sun. Balance is always kept in mind. What this means is that they also like to be the listeners.

Intelligence wise, they are maximizers, mixing many different ideas to bring about the never before seen discovery that this world craves for. In the end, both society and their career benefit. But they do not wish to stop there. Their mind is a box of gazillion plans. They are curious about science and gadgets. It should not come as a surprise to find the little Aquarian Mercury kids taking their toys apart. They want to understand how things work. The grownups, meanwhile, have their hearts set on inventions.

Human welfare is never dodged either. Much of it once again has relationship to ethics valued highly by this placement. But what makes the carriers unique is that instead of complaining, they actually take sharp steps to take the world out of the clutches of gloom and doom. Many even choose to become full time activists.

Love often takes the backseat in Mercury in Aquarius’ mind. The carriers are not the most romantic people, yet they do not completely avoid the idea of having a partner. They enjoy flirting. But what they find most seductive is an intellectual conversation. This the way they feel connected. Unconventional minds always leave them craving for more. This is true especially for the males. Their relationships to some may seem highly eccentric, for they often break the barriers of age, class and fashion. But whether the women can feel truly at home with these souls is an enigma. Aquarian Mercury men in relationships can sometimes turn insanely detached. They cannot be forced to think in traditional manner.

This is, however, partially false for the Aquarian Mercury women. These creatures are experimental for sure, but this does not mean they do not have marriage and kids in their heads. Yet struggle for a good relationship often becomes a monthly thing in their lives which somehow ends up creating a huge collection of boyfriends. These women are not the pickiest people, yet they find themselves falling over and over for intellectual men who tend to think of themselves as the center of the universe. The game changer is still the impersonality of the relationships. Everything happens in front of friends. Thus, there is a requirement for the boyfriends to be social.

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