Mercury in Cancer Analysis

There is something very special about Mercury in Cancer people: they can’t hide their feelings. Due to explosion of emotions, the rough and tough shell tank of the crab totally breaks apart in communication.

The natives may try their best to look neutral, but it all shows. If you wish to notice it, pull your ears to native’s voice and the kind of words they use. They don’t give opinions, but express feelings with words like scared, happy, awkward, sad and so on. When they are happy it screams in their voice! They have no control over it. Once again, the placement is to be blamed for it. But there is nothing wrong in the downpour of emotion. It tends to win many hearts. The psychic ability of the Cancer must also be noted. Sometimes it would just say things to appease the other communicator. Fortunately, it is a precious gift that empowers the natives to hug an upset person without a single drop of physical touch.

They are still very private. They don’t talk much unless made comfortable. It is difficult for them to trust anyone. Verbally, details are hardly shared. Most often the trusted listener turns out to be either the parent or sibling. Yet there is always some kind of concern about how to structure the words of the secrets. They don’t like to burden anyone with their private problems. As a result, they get so indirect about them that to many they end up sounding incomprehensible.

But when needed they can be quite funny sudden jokes. They are capable of being the life of the party. Yet the reluctance to speak their mind may affect other areas of their lives like romantic relationships. But yes, provoking them to debate is not always a good idea. Certainly, they can defend their position, but the urge to do so with pinches of anger is not much different from the mushroom cloud of nuclear bomb.

Moving forward, in general, Mercury in Cancer people have an unbreakable love affair with things long gone away called autobiographical memories. They carry it all in their suitcase like pajamas, towels, slippers and toothbrush. Each of them is made essential through tokens of emotions. Sometimes, the love affair turns into a real life hobby of collecting coins, stamps, postcards and so forth. The memories of those they value the most get similar treatment, but that comes with consequence like depression. Inability to put the sadness into words can make this depression severe.

They can excel well at work because of their dedication and ability remember things precisely. They are GPS and calculators in human form. But choosing of career can be a daunting task because most of their decisions are based on emotions driven by influences instead of pragmatism. This shows up in the form of dropping classes and frequent change of majors and work. They are not into wild goose chase. But being cardinal, they want to be masters of their own careers, objecting advises coming from others. It is not that they are completely allergic to such help. They just wish it to be cream cheese to their emotions.

They truly get attached to those they love and know how to show it. Unfortunately, when it takes the shape of Pacific Ocean they tend to let their loved ones walk all over. Telling them about it is useless, for they would just cover their ears or get highly defensive. In love, Mercury in Cancer works as the initiator by being verbally possessive. Yet not all their romantic relationships may go well. There is also a bit of misunderstanding that reshapes their temporary thoughts. They are prone to picking up vibes. This is something they feel all others can do too. The result of this is their unsaid expectations going unsatisfied followed by grumpiness. Their best match, therefore, are those who have mercury in water signs. They have a need to feel emotionally connected through conversation. The ones with water mercury have the power to do just that.

The women who have Mercury in Cancer have an addiction to laughter. They live the ones they love. They have a good amount of patience and thus have slightly little trouble in having direct conversation with their partners. If something goes wrong in the relationship they may spend time thinking that probably they are to be blamed for it. On the contrary, the men with this placement are not very open to complaints. There is an unusual feeling that they are never wrong. Consequently, the complaints tend to hit their ego. They are keen hearers and that does not gel well with their sensitive mind. Practical lovers will not have much luck with them. Expect hitting head on the wall. Same is true for those who love to talk. These men are extremely quiet and withdrawn. But being faithful is a piece of cake for both the sexes.
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