Mercury in Leo Analysis

Ever wonder who is the celebrity speaker among mercury signs? It is none other than the Leo. It shines through its speech. It is the biggest attention grabber. It will make you say yes. You can’t reject it. You can’t hide from it. It knows how to please the crowd. It knows how to be the controller of minds without sounding forceful.

It is comforting for people to put their trust on it. It is easy for them to see reliability in it. In short, Leo is a fully loaded communicator, winning the carriers an unrestrained spotlight. But that does come with some paparazzi and tabloid problems. A fully loaded mercury placement does not promise glittery perfection.

Just for the record, no mouth is immune to embarrassing slip of tongue. For Mercury in Leo natives, this is marginally tricky in the sense that when they become its victim they cannot get it erased from external hard drives.

No worries about permanent dent though. To lighten up the moment, they are bold enough to laugh at themselves. But despite being popular, with an urge to please the crowd, they will never adapt to a belief that clashes with what they have in mind. Leo is a fixed sign after all. It is not that they are strongly stubborn. They can compromise provided what is put before them has solid foundation.

There is some kind of magic in their choice of words. Each helps the listener imagine their idea at a great length. The manner and voice used to express it all also has elements that will make anyone feel the words. The idea, on the other hand, is usually filled with moral values and air of being good for the society. Does something sound illogical in their explanation? Telling them of it is of no use. The bravery of the lion lies in pushing the view onto the listeners through the might of ambient gesture. All in all, victory is what this king craves for. Confidently, therefore, in every area of its choice, it can break all obstacles, smoothly taking the natives to the light of glory. But it is somewhat of a hidden treasure for the young ones. They have a tendency to idolize what they have in themselves. As a result, they may choose to rest after view achievements. The ones who have matured, on the contrary, leave no stone unturned to be the leaders of their generation. And they truly know how to celebrate it in the form of autobiographies.

Now being in the spotlight means these natives are usually gifted with great network of friends. They can get people addicted to their presence, but same is not true for their own taste. In fact, it can be quite difficult for them to be with the submissive creatures.

They are still great cheerleaders for those who wish to rise up, but in friendship, things may never go a long way. On the contrary, those who loath self-pride and love to adhere to details may take the Mercury in Leo as desperately self-centered and lost in the big picture.

In love, expect them to like the main male or female characters of the romantic movies. When they flirt they sound like they have memorized a movie script. Passion never leaves the eyes and hands. The big-heartedness of the lion also downpours in the form of care. But above everything else, when it comes to verbal expression of love, they are never stingy.

The males with Mercury in Leo are attracted to those who agree with their ideology and can show it through a caffeine driven conversation. Success is another factor of seduction. The males fall hard for those who have great life stories to tell and have managed to climb the career ladder. Meanwhile, the females, after reaching adulthood, tend to create a shopping list of what they wish to have in their mates. Of course, among them, it is easy to find the career ladder, but not always the strong communication factor. They still wish for praises and love shown through genuine words.

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