Creepy Side of Venus Retrograde

Venus is the controller of our feelings about love, joy, partnerships, possessions, attraction, creative forces and balance. Currently, however, this planet is in its retrograde mode. The simple meaning of this is that from earth, it is giving us the illusion that it is moving backward.

The cycle started from 25th July. Its ending date is 6th September. Venus retrograde is one of the most toxic astrological phenomena, for its impact on our lives can be highly devastating. Those who are wise, however, reap its dark benefits. Generally, it is taken as a fact that during Venus retrograde we become sensitive to all that this planet controls.

We simply dissect them for reassessment of their worth in our lives. Although it is not a bad thing acting on what we feel about them can mean welcoming misunderstandings, emotional turmoil and unexpected repercussion. Of course, we do not have time to think about them, for Venus retrograde tends to force us to give into self interest. This shows up in our behavior in the form of me versus the world syndrome. Its side effects can be what is given below:

Feeling depressed: The reason behind this can be almost anything, but most often it is the burden of the world.
Feeling like a failure: This is the aftermath of reevaluating what we possess. Most often we end up feeling less competent than all others. It is also important to note that many, unaware of what is happening in the sky, begin to demand more than what a person can give, contributing to our emotional turmoil.

On and off crying: When burden of the world starts to look unbearable we surrender to tears.
Anger: When demand is not met we feel outraged.
Insensitive responses including physical assault: Venus retrograde makes us somewhat rude in how we communicate with others. The main victims will be those who we feel are responsible for our dismay. Around this time, fights break out a lot. Sometimes we feel that bullying is the way to go.
Running away from duties: Once again, this is related to unburdening ourselves from what looks annoying. This can be result of evaluating the job.
Not responding to disturbing people: This happens when we don't want to hurt certain people. We feel that becoming distant would solve the problem.
Ending certain relationships: Sad truth is that this evil side of Venus does not spare our partners from being evaluated. We put them under microscope, examining their every step to know whether they truly mean anything to us. This is true mainly in troublesome relationships. Compatible partners will not feel the heat.
Thinking about the past relationships: It is quite common for us to think about what happened in our past relationships. When questions arise we feel tempted to contact the ex lover for answers. At the same time, it is possible for the ex lover to initiate the contact. Reason is same.
New infatuation for someone not good for us: We attract all wrong people around this time.

When Venus retrograde is in a fire sign, they get more aggressive. The worst I saw was when Venus was retrograding in Aries. Some couples turned violent.There was one woman who had to even get her boyfriend arrested. For others, drama never stopped. There was an air of challenge that life could go without a partner from the opposite gender. Perhaps, it had something to do with Aries. The sign is aggressive as well as impulsive. This retrograde in Leo, on the other hand, is about mainly our appearance in public. It compels us to evaluate our beauty which usually will not get us anywhere, for we end up thinking of ourselves as uglier. At work, we start auditing people's impression towards our work. The normal result of this is feeling unappreciated. Some may even decide to look for job elsewhere.

What about Venus retrograde in other signs? Apparently, the retrograde in Cancer is marked by putting the shell on to avoid facing the partner. Those who decide to break up would do it without much effort. Their hearts would go hard like the shell of a crab. Venus retrograde in Capricorn is more interesting. Its effect revolves mainly around careers and businesses. This means the goat dissolves business relationships with emphasis on not getting what is expected. Its impact, however, is not cruel. Personal relationships are different. They are connected to heart. Consequently, it is actually better not to decide anything about them during this period.

Anger would still be prevalent. The mother of all problems is the self importance dressed in clouded judgement. It is also a great destroyer of new things we buy. Venus rules money and beauty. The clouded judgement prevents us from seeing their true worth. Consequently, a new makeup product bought during this time may appear to be a complete waste of money after use. In the store, we did not see it coming. New investment, however, is far more fatal. It is actually best not to take any major decisions under the Venus retrograde. This should be continued at least 15 more days after this planet turns direct.

Then how do we fight the retrograde? Patience is the answer. The major concern is usually the relationships. Majority of the men don't take astrology seriously. It is still recommended that you speak about at this retrograde with your partner. Let them know as soon as you can about how it can cause misunderstandings. Outside expect the unexpected, but make an effort to not spend time on the negative, for it can be extremely threatening for the mind.

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