Why MacArthur High School Officials Are A Threat to Students

No matter in which part of the world you are, if you have Internet and television at home you are probably not unfamiliar with the name Ahmed Mohamed, the 14 year old clockmaker. Yes, his clock was mistaken for a bomb by his MacArthur High School officials. He was handed to cops who violated his civil right by holding him back from talking to his parents and lawyers at juvenile detention center. Now all charges have been dropped, but the situation created by  MacArthur High School should be an alarming signal for all. The officials including the English teacher need to be arrested and investigated by FBI for their cunningly created terrorist plot. Consider the following points:

Suspect #1--> Ahmed's English teacher
This person thought the clock was a bomb, but did not feel the need to go to officials immediately. Ahmed was called to office during his 6th period. What does this say about the teacher? Was he/she waiting for this thing to blow up for mass casualties? What if this person comes across a real bomb in school?

Other suspects--> Officials who called the cops
They went along with the English teacher, but did not evacuate the school building. What was their intention? Do note that the school has a high number of ethnic students. The way the officials are behaving now screams loudly that they will not mind to see these kids dead.

Their criminal mindset is now far more visible than ever. Psychopaths have big ego and usually give shallow excuses.  MacArthur High School has done just that. See what their school spokesperson told to ABC News.

“Even though that particular item did not pose an immediately dangerous situation to the school, we cannot allow items on campus that can be perceived to pose a threat.”
This means that their school should not have construction, chemistry and biology labs because all of them harbor items that are dangerous to almost every person. Hands of students should be cut off because slap and punch can cause massive damage. Their mouths should not have teeth because they can be used for giving someone dangerous bite. No one should wear clothes because they can be used to strangle a person to death. All classes should be held out in the open and students must just stand because chairs and desks can be thrown at people.

The school has an account at Twitter. It responded to massive public outcry in this way:

Their Facebook page, however, is the winner. Forget about the apology, it has zero update on the incident. This is what many pointed out:
Some people have been urging the school to apologize in professional manner. One example is given below:
But it seems to have fallen in deaf ears, increasing more reasons to feel suspicious about the school officials. Can we truly call it a place of education? Letter of Principle Daniel Cummings (what an odd last name) to parents seems to say no. Someone actually took time to correct his English.
In the letter above, he still dares to blame the victim. There is no doubt that the guy is a pure psychopath with the heart of vulcher. He told Ahmed that he would be expelled if he did not sign a written statement according to which he made a hoax bomb. That is pure terrorism on Cummings' part. He wanted to gain  national sympathy by defaming Ahmed while fueling race war. 

If FBI says no to arresting this kind of people parents of the students should at least urge the district to fire them. Your kids are not safe under their shadow. Remember
  • they did not evacuate the building
  • did not apologize to Ahmed for the mistreatment
  • principal used threat to make him sign a fraudulent paper
  • subsequent excuse coming from the school about the incident was flimsy
  • they do not behave like real educators
Their silence is a surefire sign of how they are still a big threat. It does hint that in the future they can do something similar to other students.

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