How to use Turmeric for Skin Care

Turmeric seems to have no problem in assimilating with all skin types. Moreover, it never hesitates to fight against most common skin problems. That is why, it can be used in almost all mask recipes. Do keep the clay mask away though! Many believe that the best friends of turmeric are lemon juice and honey. We take a look at how their combination should be used.

With lemon juice:
It is claimed that lemon juice along with turmeric relieves hyper pigmentation. To know if it is true, I once made a mask recipe by adding lemon juice to turmeric paste. I applied to my sun damaged area. The result was not good. Lemon juice is naturally acidic. Thus, it gave a slight amount of tingling sensation in my skin. However, next time, when I added water to the mixture the problem departed. As for hyperpigmentation, I did not notice any change in it. But I still believe that continues use of the lemon and turmeric mixture will have some impact over it. Many people actually claim that they have seen good result from it.

With raw honey:
Turmeric mixed in honey and water is quite an effective medication for the weak skin. The truth is that both turmeric and honey have antibacterial properties. Perhaps, that is why, their mixture worked better in reducing the acne I had. Interestingly, the effectiveness of the honey was usually felt right after washing off the mask from my face. The elasticity and PH balance of the skin turned better. Apparently, those who have dry skin will find the friendship of honey and turmeric most suitable.

With other mask recipes:
As mentioned before, turmeric can be added to just about any mask recipes. So do not come to conclusion that you need to always use lemon and honey to get maximum benefit from it. However, keep the amount of turmeric low in your mask recipe in order to avoid the yellow stain. Experiment to find out what goes best with it.

2014 update
Two more experiment reports:
1. I first used fuller's clay at the age of 10. It was given to my parents in shapes of tablets by one of their Burmese friends. It was all exotic to us. We did not know what the clay did. Couple of months ago, I found it again in one exotic store and bought it instantly. I went online to learn about it. Nothing truly made me think it was all that. Yet I used it. There was no real gain from it. Not even the real application made any difference. The skin felt neither dry nor oily. I decided to turmeric to it. It was a bad move. First application left the skin so dry that it almost started feeling intensely itchy. All day, I scratched and made acne. I thought the second application would heal the acne. After all, turmeric in previous experiments proved to be quite an enemy to it. Unfortunately, this time the result was opposite. So I wouldn't recommend anyone to try the two in one mask recipe.

2. I have a tendency to get cold sores in either spring or summer. This time again, I got one. I thought to try turmeric paste over it to see what happened. First day application did not show much effect. But yes, it did feel drier on the sore. So I went ahead with two more applications. On third day, there was noticeable change. The sore started to look grayish.  It was surely a sign that the area of the lip was healing. However, I could still feel the heaviness of the sore. It stayed like this the entire week. I was still able to go to class without the fear of embarrassment. My conclusion is that turmeric does work on cold sore. Yet here is the thing, last year, when the sore appeared, I washed it with antiseptic soap before going to bed. Just like turmeric, it gave me a positive result in 3 days. So in this case, we can use either turmeric or antiseptic soap. 

Be careful while buying a pack of turmeric. Read its label before paying for it. I actually found a research report that stated that India’s branded turmeric powder contains unhealthy artificial coloring. So I will say that it is actually best to look for the ingredient in solid form. Just see its picture below. 
One of my Indian friends recommended me to go for it. Unfortunately, it seems that majority of the stores just do not have it. As far as I know, even in Thailand, use of turmeric in cooking is prevalent. So try the Thai stores.

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