Remedy Against Facial Mask Itch

Facial masks are not much different from creams. When appropriately picked each group can take care of any skin problem we have. Application can still be a bit suffocating. This is true especially in the case of facial masks. Did you ever wear one that gave you heavy punishment in the form of itch? Red rashes accompanying it is traditionally a sign of allergic reaction. Sometimes they occur from a specific ingredient used in the recipe. Subtracting it from a store bought pack is not easy. Hence, discontinuing the use of the mask is the only option.

But what if there is no allergic reaction and true positive result are seen? This is something that probably many of us have experienced. The result makes us reluctant to give up and more willing to put up with the itch. Technically, we can lessen it. Here is how to do it properly:

1. Make the paste using quality mineral water. Try to go for the brand that promises better pH level. Two examples are Crystal Geyser and Volvic. Quality mineral water protects the skin from extreme dryness.

2. Lesser is the key. From experiment and observation, I have noticed that application of a huge dollop of the paste on the face tends to intensify the itch. Lesser amount does the opposite. To be honest, thick layer does not guarantee stronger effectiveness. It only delays the drying process. If you are someone who does not use soap to wash off the mask then you should be fine.

3. Don't just sit with the mask. Get busy in anything that does not require moving. Surfing the next works the best. This will divert your attention from the mask and thus, you will forget about the itch.

4. In the beginning, you will not be able to prevent yourself from feeling the itch. Feel free to give it light scratch. Within a minute or two, you will not have to deal with it anymore. By the way, under thinner mask layer, it is easier.

Which masks are safer to use?
We all are aware of the fact that traditionally facial masks are made from raw products like unprocessed fruits, clay, milk, honey, herbs, and even flowers. In our modern day, we don't have time to gather all the ingredients. Many skin care companies, thus, have come up with the idea to sell ready to apply facial masks in containers. Some of them are quite beneficial. At least the ones that salons use tend to be safer. Same cannot be always told for the ones sold for personal use.

Ready to apply facial masks tend to be double edged swords in the sense that they contain preservatives and other unwanted ingredients that our skin might find difficult to accept. This is true especially for sensitive skin.  That is why, it is best to stick to traditional home made facial masks. Point must still be noted about milk and yogurt. Though helpful for dry skin, they may trigger the itch rather aggressively. When it comes to clay, it is best to go for its powdered version.

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