Look Perfect in Your Photo With These Tips

We all want to look pretty in pictures. Sadly, not all of us know how to operate the camera in a way that will give us what we are looking for. Photography is an art that is learned over a course time through trial and errors. The shortcut, of course, is to take a class. But how many of us have time for it? Technically, it is not needed if we aren't thinking of becoming professional photographers. Our mission is to make ourselves look the best in our casual photos. For this, some simple tips are enough. This is what you will find below.

Once you go over them you will learn where you were going wrong with your camera. Additionally, you will be more aware of which fashion and makeup tricks to implement to look perfect in your photo. The tips have been picked based on their effectiveness. They are all well tested and easy to follow.

  • To look younger, brighter and cheerful, wear light colored clothes. This tip is a lifesaver in places with less light. Darker colors tend to make the face look older and tired in photographs. Another issue it creates is that it binds your personality to the other darker side of the world. That is the same reason why Gothic fashion emphasizes black color. 
  • Similarly, if you wish to look younger avoid dark shades of lipsticks. For best result, use a light colored matte lipstick of your choice. This will make you look not only younger in the picture, but also more down to earth. Don't forget to first draw your lips.
  •  If you don't want your acne, spots and wrinkles to be seen in the photograph, don't use flash. Digital cameras have more technologically advanced flash that tends to capture every bit of our skin. It also triggers the pupils to look red.
  • Make sure you don't stand behind the light or sun. Standing just below or above the light should also be avoided. Otherwise, your face will appear shadowed in the picture. This tip is given in most camera manuals. They strictly recommend facing the light or sun.
The effect that occurs when you stand
behind the sun for a photo
  • If you are taking your own picture don't hold the camera at a lower position. Instead hold it straight up to allow the light to illuminate your face. 
  • Make your hair look all shiny and silky in the picture by either washing it with 2 in 1 shampoo or by applying silk serum. This works best in the sun.
  • We gain 10 pounds in pictures. There is still a trick that can help you make your face look skinnier. Try giving your hair a wet effect by using water or gel. Straightening can also provide the same result.
  • Camera can see what is invisible to the mirror. So take test pictures of yourself and note down which parts of your face needs touch up. For instance, if your dark circle is visible in the picture hide it with a good concealer or foundation and then take another picture to see if it all looks good. If the lips don't look good switch to another lipstick. Remember that these test pictures can be deleted. Hence, you lose nothing. 
  • Going for a college id or yearbook picture? Do note that you can actually ask for a retake if you don't like the first shot.

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