MH370 Passenger Found Asking for Help

Two days ago, government of Malaysia gave a statement that Malaysia Airlines MH370 crashed somewhere in the stormy portion of Indian ocean. Despite the fact that mainstream media is now revolving only around this new story, many are not ready to believe it. There is no real proof of any debris from the plane and that is enough for us to assume that either the government is still going by guesses or they just want people to now stop thinking about the flight. It is also assumed that they want to deviate people's attention from the mystery island Diego Garcia. But why? On March 18th, someone claiming to be the passenger from MH370 asked for help online from his iPhone5. Its screenshot is given below. Feel free to download it for analysis. So far many forums, Facebook pages and Twitter handlers have already picked it up. The users have been doing the same. Interestingly, every time they are trying to prove that it is a hoax new research keeps popping up to emphasize that it is truly from Diego Garcia where no ordinary human is allowed to enter.

Here is the link to the main page. There is a high possibility that it will not last too long online. The reason why this looks like a hoax is because the man uses the name Philip Wood to introduce himself. This name along with his picture already appeared in one of the news articles before 18th. He happens to be an American from Texas who was working in IBM, Malaysia. Hiding the phone inside his hole is another point that adds a touch of humor to the story. How about the incorrect grammar?The man mentioned that he was drugged and that he could not think properly. Some people are still wondering why the man chose to contact people over the Internet and not his family. The interview given by his girlfriend actually shows some clues that he did contact her. 

Location of the Picture is Quite Credible
Using the latitude and longitude, it is possibel to locate the place from where the picture was sent. Most people have been using Google map despite the fact that the tracer gave many other alternatives. See below.
Clicking Google map and Bing takes everyone to a building in Diego Garcia. It shows no actual address and pictures of this specific building. Yahoo map is even worse. It shows only the serpent like shape of the island. Openstreetmap gets a little closer and points out that the building is near, but not inside Camp Justice, the detention center made for suspected soldiers and terrorists. Its name was changed to Camp Thunder Cove in 2006.  WikiMapia has been the most aggressive one among them all. It says that the name of the building is PACAF AGE Facility. 
Plus symbol in white is the marking of where the iPhone is
Analysis of the area through WikiMapia reveals that the building is actually part of  Camp Thunder Cove. 

This specific map site allows editing, but it is closely monitored. We can still say that since it is from Russia, the address is intentionally inserted within to manipulate people's opinion towards United States. But a bit of google search does confirm the validity of the map.
The building from which the picture came is on the top right
According to the description above, the place is somewhat empty, but maintained as usual. But is it possible to change exif data? The answer is yes, but one has to be completely knowledgable about the camp to fake it. Exif data shows that there was modification. It was done within one minute of taking the picture. Now that can only be done by a superfast professional who knows not just the area, but also the buildings very well. But again, modification timestamp does not always turn out to be correct. AGE facility is not any kind of popular destination anyways. There is speculation that the image was not sent by the passenger, but by a soldier out of pity. He used the name Philip Wood intentionally to force the world to focus on this location. What about the picture in question? It is not exactly a plain black background from any photo editor. Looking at it closely reveals signs of red grains. 
Paint and Photoshop zoom features show grains
Usually, under dim light, pictures come like that. Try it yourself. According to Exif data, the picture was shot directly. This confirms image manipulation was not used.

It is interesting to see how mainstream media which rediculed every single conspiracy theory about the missing plane chose not to touch on this specific story. They did mention, however, that pilot Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah's home flight similator had information about landing Boeing 777 on Diego Garcia runway. This is what led many to research about the island. Digging deeper revealed the painful history of the Diego Garcia civilians who were illegally forced by Britain to vacate it for US military. They left without their furniture and pets which were later exterminated with toxic gas. But they are not truly the natives of the island. As a matter of fact, before 18th century, it was completely empty. The people are still fighting in the court for their right to return. The case is quite difficult at this point. Neither Britain nor US is ready to let it happen any time soon. Hopes aren't dead yet tough. According to their agreenment, there will be a time when US military will have to withdraw from the island. The contract expires in 2016, but only if Britain agrees, the base will be able to stay there till 2036. This hasn't stopped the researchers from showing their anger. On twitter, many users are condemning the act. Others are talking about MH370 of being there. 

False flag attack in the making
Why the plane disappeared is another question that even mainstream media is asking. Some reporters speculated that it will be used by terrorists later like a bomb. Strangely, a clone of MH370 is stationed at Israel.  Two sources confirm it.

We don't know what the mystery behind the disappearance of MH370 will lead us to. But it seems that our tarot reading did give us the right hint about the location of the plane. Some of the interpretations I did was wrong though. Perhaps, it is because of my less knowledge about the area. The first card we received was Lovers. It sure was the sign of heaven on earth. I came to know about Diego Garcia just last week from my sister. When describing the place she mentioned that her friends tagged it as a paradise. It was based on hearsay though. They knew some soldiers who had been to the island. Yet the word paradise rang a bell. I couldn't stop thinking about how our first card said the same. I just had to research more on the island. To my surprise, information available online gave more hints about what the cards were saying. According to some sites, Diego Garcia is best for sunbathing, but has lush vegetation. But it did not have snakes. Our Lovers card had one. Call it the guidance from the universe, Diego Garcia soldiers once came in the news for using fire to kill a brown tree snake that accidently came to the island  from Guam or New York by plane. 

The next card we had was Page of Cups that showed a man holding a fish in his cup. My research led me to the fact that Diego Garcia has over 700 kinds of fish. All of them are protected by the British law. So basically, the man in the card represented a British overseer. There is still link to hospitality. Britain is the owner of the island, but remains cordial to the Americans who stay there. They do allow fishing competitions. 

The third card we had was Ace of Cups. My research does not show any link between this card and Diego Garcia. But again, I don't even have a bachelor degree in Diego Garcia. We had an Empress later. That's the fertility card and quite straightforward about the vegetation of of the island. The card that fell out during shuffling, however, now seems to be the biggest clue. Its explanation was given at the end of the reading. It very much describes who lives on that island. 

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