Moon in Gemini with Moon in Aquarius

A relationship equals to friendship. Love is all about accepting a person as he or she is. Restriction ruins both. These are the thoughts of both Gemini and Aquarius. Because of this, they are more prone to finding love in each other.

Both Aquarius and Gemini are not into romantically feeling out the relationship. As they sit down to enjoy their date, they surely notice this about each other. Neither of them will take time fall in love here. At least, for the water bearer, it is pretty easy to slip into a crush. The twins, being indecisive, will stay a while in denial about what just happened. But they will keep in touch. Friendship will be maintained and finally if all goes well, they will mold this friendship into a relationship.

In the beginning, because of the habit of accepting whatever is in its the surrounding, Gemini will have problem understanding why Aquarius is so into talking about what right and wrong things are happening in the society. But then assimilation will change the tide. The twins are mutable and that is why, they soon will begin to accept Aquarian viewpoints.

In their relationship, there will be many light moments. Both the lunar signs love to laugh and joke. Sometimes Aquarius will get serious about social issues. Gemini will not fail to respect that. They are always at friendly term.

The most interesting thing, however, will happen in their bed. Aquarian is more into kinky actions. The nights, therefore, will be totally loved by Gemini.

As for gender pairing, Gemini moon males will go best with Aquarius moon females. In their relationship, there will be fewer problems. This is because the twin bearing males do not see detached independent partners as threatening.

The females carrying this sign in their emotions, on the other hand, are supportive and want this same trait in their partners. Unfortunately, this is where Aquarius moon males might fail. There is reason behind this. Astrologically, Aquarian emotions do not see a need to always listen to complaints and according to its viewpoint, everyone should make an effort to solve his or her problems independently. What this means is that the carrier wants his partner to mind her own business. Additionally, Aquarian emotions tend to be more scattered for which they cannot act in a more focused way all the time. This might turn annoying for those ladies. The relationship can still continue because Aquarius is a fixed sign and that means it can provide secure love to its lady love. He should not be always questioned.

On the whole, these two air signs have a great compatibility rate. Only if the carriers have other parts of their charts clashing, the relationship might become short-lived. Aquarius does not like the idea of compromising. This is true specifically for the males.

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